Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Billy no-medals

Whilst The Sock was sad to see The Simply Italian garden missed out on the medals it was less surprising to see that Sralans "Apprentice Gardens" didn't get a gong. In a new move for the Apprentice TV show, teams were asked to build a Chelsea garden in 24 hours and see what profit could be made in selling them to the punters. Very little profit indeed by the look of it...

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Joe Slow said...

Team Dumber’s garden is interesting. I quite like the idea of taking quite a conventional subject for a garden, the garden twee in this case, and then turning it on its head… this is what Chelsea design is all about!

I can not help but think that added designer wedginess would have been provided by a triangular planting hole though, preferably a large one you have to walk on. Circles and squares and stuff are really very much last year Chelsea.