Thursday, 22 May 2008

Filling the Don's shoes?

It has just been announced that Monty Don has suffered a minor stroke and will not be returning to his role as lead gardener on Gardener's World. The Sock extends her greatest sympathies to Don but is slightly miffed that a lot of her best jokes may
now have to be binned!

Whilst the lead presenter's role can be something of a poisoned chalice the Sock believes that there can be no-one better to fill this position than man of the people, Matthew Wilson. Wilson's 'common touch' extends to occasional forays onto the BBC gardening messageboards despite what was to become known as the "bunny boiling incident" last year.

Matthew is dark and handsome in a brooding sort of a way and is clearly a man of soul and sensitivity. Plus he is tall and loves cats - the Sock bets he keeps his pussies very happy.

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The Black Finger Nail said...

Now the latest scan results are back the news can be gently broken and kinda lost in Chelsea week. Hopefully it will present opportunities as well as hopefully a period of rest for the fella with the Hair Bear Bunch follicles.

It has been known for some time (and regardless of contract) in "inner of inner circles" that Monty may have been within his last series. Not from his choice I add. A sort of Avram Grant situation given it is Chelsea or rather Manchester Utd's week.

Decisions are currently been made on the Berryfield's lease or rather lying in someone's in-tray. Don't worry the Licence payer will foot it!

I think we have seen the bloke who met with the BBC2 Controller re his prospective replacement on Gardening TV recently have we not?