Thursday, 29 May 2008

In line for Promotion...

The Sock is offering her services to her favourite contenders for 'Britain's Next Top Gardener' by creating promotional videos which she feels encompass the essence of what they can offer!

First off is Carol Klein

The Carol Klein promotion is also available as an animated doll. Supplied with it's own everlasting batteries it will never need winding up!


Anonymous said...

Perhaps Ms Sock could come up with a composite of the ideal Head Gardener?

I am getting fed up with the endless speculation about who will fill the cloggywogs of HOJ. He who said he found filming GW "a burden"!

I'd like to know who is up for the job -it could be that none of the proposed candidates is interested in taking on the burden.

If the Beeb has anyone in mind I wish they'd say rather than allow the endless " I want Chris, Carol, Joe, Cleve, Christine (eek!)Alys (eek, again!)Pippa, Bob and even Geoff!"

As far as I know, that nice Mr Wilson is the only person to have expressed an interest.....

emmat said...

you need to respell gorgeous as GEEEEYYOOUUURRGEOOOUS because Carol does have a completely unique way of pronouncing that word.