Saturday, 31 May 2008


So, after the public outcry of Couchgate where Joe rotovated his allotment, Jasminegate where Joe shocked the poor people by calling £16.99 worth of jasmine polyanthum a disposable plant, we now have Invisiblemategate!

The Sock thought that this business of talking to an unseen person off screen was some sort of weird mockney affliction as Jamie Oliver does it and so did that girl fronting the Spanish food series where her partner kept going off and shooting wild boar whilst she cooked a lot of offal - or should that be an offal lot! (groan...)

Who is Joe's mysterious invisible friend that has caused such a frenzy of excitement?

The Sock can now reveal his identity!

click for the pic

There's a lot of them about!!!!


Simon said...

Any relation to lamb chop?

crusty bedsocks said...

Is that a balaclava he's wearing?

Arabella Sock said...

Not so much lamb chop as due for the chop!

The Sock is knitting her balaclava even now..

SomeBeans said...

I thought you were referring to the invisible team of mates that had been weeding the allotment in a frenzied fashion to remove the couch grass, mare's tails, ground alder, etc etc which would otherwise be infesting it...