Friday, 13 June 2008

Allotment Art

The Sock is no slouch on the artistic front and for years was an avid viewer of Water Colour challenge with the inestimable Hannah Gordon. Having seen the daub of Joe's allotment on GW Live, the Sock has quickly thrown together a modernist masterpiece of Joe's allotment complete with triangle. The more intelligent amongst you will recognise it as a Penrose triangle and understand the irony of 'impossibility in it's purest form'.

The signed art work is available from Sock Enterprises for £15,000 (plus VAT).


emmat said...

i'm shocked to hear Joe alleging that his allotment "has inspired...

...lots of people to have a go".

Surely he meant to say "tons of creativity on the internet"


Arabella Sock said...

There is something even more shocking going down! On my weekly snout around the blogs and messageboards I noted on the Beeb that a punter at GW Live had supposedly "overheard" Joe Swift say that he was 90% certain the GW lead job was in the bag! This has caused a wave of fear to run through the messageboard system not least because the Beeb host denied it and then closed the thread! Could this be true or is this just a cruel rumour started by a Beeb 'crazoid'.

I'm wondering whether you have really closed the Swiftsure Campaign or whether it wasn't just another move to throw us off the track!!

big fat cat art dealer said...

Ha ha ha. Did Joe Swift mean in the bag for himself, or someone else?

PS I would like to buy that art for sure.

emmat said...

~Yup - if Jane Austen teaches us anything, it's not to totally believe third-hand rumours the minute someone tells us them. I don't mean you, btw, I mean the person at GWlive.