Thursday, 12 June 2008

Bloody Cheat!

The Sock awoke to the news that the Campaign to keep Sex out of Gardeners World had finally conceded defeat when the vote swung sharply in favour of Heart-throb of the Hedgerows Matthew Wilson. The Sock has learnt that there have been accusations of monkey business when Wilson's campaign manager bribed RHS staff to vote for Wilson, with left-over cakes and pastries.

Over at Berryfields the current team have taken the news badly and Joe Swift is demanding a recount.

The Sock however takes great heart from yet another 'sign' - the total vote for her was exactly the same as her protégé, the lovely Chris Beardshaw.


Anonymous said...

You and CB were obviously meant to be together.
It's a sign

emmat said...

I second the above

I heard the cakes were all baklava