Sunday, 22 June 2008

Gardeners are a pain!

The Swiftsure anti-cats campaign are turning up the heat a notch too high for the Sock with JAS suggesting that cats should be bonsai'd (see comments to Cats are Rubbish post). However it has given the Sock a great idea for her new merchandise from Sock enterprises.

clic for the pic

UPDATE: There has already been unprecedented interest in these but the Sock has to disappoint those wanting a Matthew Wilson as the suppliers are presently unable to produce a large size bottle.


Anonymous said...

I'd rather have next-door's cat in a bottle. In fact I'd rather have next-door's cat in two bottles.

Arabella Sock said...

The Sock is never wrong - however there is a possibility that she may have mispoken on the cat front. They are in fact hateful creatures who run round the garden with live screaming frogs in their mouths with the Sock in her dressing gown in pursuit.
When they eventually come back sans frog they seem to expect lots of fuss and cuddles!!

I have no doubt Fat Rascal has already joined the pro-dog lobby and the Sock may have to join her.

Fat Rascal said...

As the sock knows, I live with all the disadvantages of having cats without actually owning one myself.
This means I get bleeding lizards and headless mice brought in, kittens born in the spare room and fleabites on the ankles.
All I want is another dog, and a slug eating puppy would fit the bill perfectly!

James A-S said...

You could at least have put me in a champagne bottle !

Arabella Sock said...

Oh - if only I had thought of that JAS! I think for Chris Beardshaw I will find a dinky little scent bottle... mmm Eau de Beardshaw, I can smell it now....