Saturday, 7 June 2008

Getting down and dirty

This was a post about Rachel de Thames appearance on Jonathan Ross's show but actually the Sock thought that Ross's attitude was so demeaning to Rachel that the post has been junked.


emmat said...

I'm gonna watch it on iplayer. I actually got on here quick enough yesterday to read it - and I was intrigued because clearly it offended you enough to make you be serious!

I want to see for myself... I was thinking about it last night though - can you imagine anyone else gardening-wise being invited on there?

I would also say that, he does have form: having seen J Ross be sexually suggestive to Charlote Church, who was JUST 16 at the time (I think I remember this right) i think perhaps her pr could have warned her...

Arabella Sock said...

Ah yes - the Sock had been feeling a tad guilty for cowpating Ross on the grounds that he is paid too much which isn't his fault and because she used to enjoy him when she could be bothered to stay up late enough to watch. However the Sock felt that merely repeating what had been said on the show was perpetuating the idea it might be funny. To an extent Rachella is to blame as she must have known what she would let herself in for although she handled herself with as much dignity as the situation would allow (very little). Ross's jokes were cheap, unfunny and obvious and each one probably cost the viewer £10,000!

If you want a better class of smut and innuendo you can get it for free at the Sea of Immeasurable Gravy!

Anonymous said...

What a slimebag - and you could see she was uncomfortable
Schoolbuy smut

Fat Rascal said...

The sausage and cactus were very schoolboyish and Rachel was unfazed by it -she has brought up four children.
It was a shame that the smut distracted from what could have been an interesting discussion about the differences in tastes plantwise -RdeT had just said that men go for cacti, carnivores and collections.
The other comments about her husband were just vile!
I learnt something about my own OH though. I told him his favourite garden woman was on and he said "Charlie?" He then said RdeT but I feel less threatened by his first choice!