Monday, 30 June 2008

Mai ow!

No this isn't another post about cats.. it is the Thai phrase for "I don't want" and is apparently useful for putting off persistent vendors.

And why is the Sock telling you this? Because the RHS Hampton Court Show is going to have an authentic Thai floating market!! Quite how authentic this will be floating on the Long Water is anyone's guess - particularly as most guide books to Bangkok tell you that even the floating markets there lack any authenticity and are merely vehicles for cheap tourist tat. The Sock knows this because she is intending to visit there later this year and sadly the Hampton floating market will take some of the surprise element out of it.

However, it did give the Sock a great idea on how to follow Emma T's courageous example and infiltrate the show for a quick shuftie prior to the opening. Dressed in her best Thai silk dressing gown and coolie hat and accompanied by the Bedsock paddling a canoe rigged up to look like a "Jaew" (Thai paddle boat) the Sock hoped to slip into the Long Water unnoticed. Unfortunately the Socks got stopped by the River Police on the Thames at Richmond after taking a wrong turning, which rather put the kybosh on the idea.

The Bedsock will need to be steered away from spending too much time buying spices when we visit the show next week. The Sock has already made a long list of necessary plant purchases and was pleased to see that the marvellous Solva Plants 'Heuchera Sweetie-Shop' will be there, as we all know it really is quite impossible to have too many heucheras - a fact they seem well acquainted with having called their site


emmat said...

It feels like it's National Heuchera Week. I've always detested those little planties with a vengeance, then all the green leaf posts have included SO many really appealing ones.... I've been sickenly turned to the dark side... I will probably be on that Heucheraholics site before you know it... And we will find ourselves fighting each other in East Molesey next week for the best plants on the stall.

On second thoughts I will probably concede to you because your GIfs are so good, damn it

Fat Rascal said...

You saved yourself at the end there, Emma!
We had long decided that you have to love plants which have such yummy names -Plum Pudding, Crème Brulée, Chocolate Ruffles...

I'm as green as a Lime Rickeyyyyyy
Might have to commission the Sock to get me a Peach Flambé which I've not been able to track down in this land of delectable desserts!

Arabella Sock said...

The Bedsock doesn't like heucheras for some reason - still what does he know!

Pork Chop said...

There is an equally delectable newbie on the block called Georgia Peach. I purchased said heuchera at Malvern along with Obsidian and Mint Frost because, as the Sock so rightly says, you can't have too many heucheras. Be warned Emmat, once you've purchased one you are forever hooked and will never be able to pass a heuchera stand again!

VP said...

Especially the Solva stand. I can resist all the gingery ones though as they don't grow and look pants in my garden.

Now dark or dramatic green foliage, there's another matter.

Do you go round muttering - 'I can't possibly have another Heuchera, there's no room' and then you come out of a trance after handing over your credit card to find you've bought at least 3?

Arabella Sock said...

Nope - I just accept the fact it is going to happen and give in easily.

It took two years to find a place for the last lot of heuchera impulses but I eventually found somewhere - probably dug out the tiarellas that were a bit wishy washy.

If I can't bung stuff in the border I buy another pot!

VP said...

Absolutely re pots - I like your style Arabella!