Saturday, 14 June 2008

Plant Swapping

The saddest part of the gardening year for the Sock is not the winter denuding of the shrubs and trees, nor the annual slaughter of invading vine weevils and rosemary beetles. No, it is the disposal of excess seedlings, the back-up courgettes and tomatoes no longer needed, as the lucky few to be planted out survive the slugs and snails. So what happier event should there be than a plant swap to save the unchosen few from the compost heap.

The GW live plant swap failed to capture the camaraderie of gardeners eager to give their excess plants a happy life by swapping them for an 'objet du d├ęsir'. In fact the faux jollity and bantering induced a certain melancholy.

Fat Rascal has, as usual, captured the feeling of the whole occasion..

The Plant Swap

Gardener's World Live was a bit of a flop
Who thought that standards had further to drop?
Joe's clownish antics brought on a strop
But the saddest of all was this year's plant swap

It should be exciting, it should be good fun!
Exchange of our excess -what we've always done
The Cosmos looked like it was missing the sun
Trop de chagrin for this chubby bun.

Was it absence of Monty that caused this despair?
Would it have been different if he had been there?
Was there a seedling that you'd want to share?
Bonjour tristesse! I expect better fare!


emmat said...

I've fallen off my chair i've laughed so much

The Black Finger Nail said...

Hope my "troll sausage plants" haven't been culled!