Saturday, 7 June 2008

Who ate all the cake?

Did anyone else notice how cuddly Matthew Wilson looked on Gardeners' World last night? Perhaps it was the layered clothing but there certainly seemed to be more to cuddle than on previous appearances. Not that the Sock is complaining - she likes a man with a bit of substance! Perhaps Matthew has been taking too much comfort at Betty's tea rooms during his time at Harlow Carr - and who could blame him for devouring the odd Fat Rascal or two!

In the event the divine Matthew takes over the "burden" of being Britain's Next Top Gardener the stress of the constant criticism and carping will soon turn him back into a lean, mean, gardening machine!


run me a cold shower said...

I didn't notice because I was lost in dreaminess.

Fat Rascal said...

I have been his downfall - but look at my photo, what man could resist?

Victoria Sandwich said...

you are cakalicious