Thursday, 5 June 2008

You won't fool the children of the revolution...

Here at The Sea of Immeasurable Gravy we are pleased to see that Monty Don is making a good recovery and already on the campaign trail. Sadly this is not the Pink Dahlia but the Don's own campaign for gardeners to unite and subvert the system!

The Sea's in-house poet, Fat Rascal, has penned a few words in the Don's honour

Monty’s musings on soil

I saw revolution in Cuba
Decided to bring it back home
Stop mucking about with your flowers
Plant out your veggies in loam

Don’t take for a status symbol
A Chelsea tractor or jeep
The way forward for my revolution
A stinking great compost heap

Like Jesus did in the temple
I’ve found new missionary zeal
There’s a rabble in need of my rousing
Politicians need bringing to heel

So what if the Third World is starving?
They’ve only to follow my lead
If they send me an e-mail or letter
I’ll tell them about growing from seed.

Turn roundabouts into allotments
Pull up all municipal flowers
Each veg grown for the soil revolution
Only adds to my media powers!

I’m not doing this for the profit
I’m not interested in wealth
Television became such a burden
I’m thinking of everyone’s health!


Hey Monty - Warrior Spirit!

1 comment:

jane said...

That's ok, he can come and dig up my front garden any time.