Wednesday, 23 July 2008


The Sock is bored............. too hot to blog anything interesting as the study is like an oven which isn't so great when you are 100% cashmere.

A quick check of the BBC's Tatton Show blog reveals yet another jaw-droppingly pointless post

clink for the link

It did serve to make the Sock realise that these blog posts, which include the one noted in an earlier post that appeared to come from Chris Beardshaw, are in fact written by someone from the production team presumably reporting something one of the presenters has said. So either what Chris, Carol and Joe have said is totally boring or the production team author has made it up! In which case why didn't they make up something interesting when they had the opportunity? The Sock may have to give them a few pointers in how to be creative and inventive when ghost-blogging for others.

At least darling Chris is exonerated from all blame for pointless blogging now - which has come has a huge relief to the Sock! Chris has also got a new website. The Sock couldn't find any jokes on it but he has got one of this years shirts on for his picture.


Fat Rascal said...

It's all about recognising your own strengths.
Maybe our little Beardshaw realises he's not a blogger - there's nothing wrong in that. There are people who can garden, there are people who can garden and write and there are people who can garden and present telly programmes!
I'd put CB into the last category.
He's also in the photogenic category!

VP said...

Shouldn't Carol be saying discerning, not discriminating?

Spookily I also found CB's site today. Makes me wonder what will happen to Gardeners' Click now.

AND WHY have we only got 2 half hour programmes covering Tatton over the next couple of nights? Harrumph!

OMG I'm turning into Mrs Angry of Tonbridge Wells...

The Black Finger Nail said...

Chris is your man for the small screen.....

....but we in the know suggest that there is only one man for the modern day widescreen 42 inch ....waist. Who is High Deafinition (sic) TV future proof.

Obviously I can't tell you who it is!

emmat said...


Arabella I was shocked to find you are not on Chris's list of "garden muses"
He has also missed off: me, Flora and Pomona, as well as many other wood nymphs and fairies of the forest. I am tempted to call him a Berkheya purpurea but know the comment would be immediately removed by you. Neeergh.