Saturday, 19 July 2008

Britain's Next Top Home and Garden

Actually the Sock expects that most of you knew this already and didn't let on!!!!! She had to buy a copy of Amateur Gardening to find out. (The magazine has got the worst pictures of Peter Seabrook, Bob Pippidew and Christine Walkden in it. The Sock really isn't sure that portraying gardeners as mad-looking eccentrics is the best way to attract amateurs into gardening.) Everyone else appeared quite normal though and there was a particularly handsome picture of Laurence Llewellyn-Bowen looking gorgeous in a fairly toned-down suit. This is just as well because the news is that he is going to front a Channel 5 gardening series to be screened this September.

The working title for the new program is 'I own Britain's Best Home & Garden' - presumably suggestions for an improvement on that are welcome. The format is the usual one, twelve different gardens and attached house will be viewed with a winner picked each programme and then an overall series winner. The series is being produced in consultation with the National Gardens Scheme and the presence of three judges providing gardening expertise and comment will (hopefully) lend the whole affair some dignity and gravitas. They are going to be Anne Wareham, the fabulously named Laetitia Maklouf and another person who will give Llewellyn-Bowen a run for his money on the 'divine' front.

The article goes on to say
"The judges will each be assessing the gardens they visit according to their own personal bugbears - whether that's the declining standards in basic gardening knowledge, the lack of boldness in British garden design, the failure of gardeners to create spaces that reflect their personalities or the needs of families."
Anyone hoping to impress at least one of the judges could do worse than to buy or make a 'wildlife stack' to house their stag beetle collection.


Anonymous said...

Anne Wareham?

AKA Doris Bonkers.

God help us.

Was Anne Widdecombe unavailable?

Still, what can you expect on the freakshow that is Channel 5.

I depair, I really do.

Roy Strong

Arabella Sock said...

Ha ha! Is this true? I don't know much about Anne Wareham.

I usually enjoy these programs that give you chance to snoop around other people's homes and gardens. I don't mind the experts adding their opinions either as it gives you something to think about. I just hate this obession with judging everything as to which is the "best". It's all subjective anyway.

The blurb suggests it is a cross between the Apprentice and Dragon's Den both of which started off as interesting and intelligent programs. The Apprentice is now a freak show (albeit highly entertaining one) and Dragon's Den has become all about the judges, their personalities, their gurning expressions and unhilarious quips to each other. One can only hope that the judges on this C5 production exhibit as little personality as possible and leave all that to Lawrence L-B who will more than make up for any shortfall.

Arabella Sock said...

Hmmm... In the interests of truth and accuracy (there is very occasionally true stuff on The Sea of Immeasurable Gravy) it should be noted that earlier reports regarding this program suggest that Mark Gregory was to be the third judge rather than the stag beetle collector.

emmat said...

I'm sure Mark Gregory loves hedgehog hibernacula as much as the next desperately handsome, dark and stormy, man

Anonymous said...

Who would that be?
Oh... its on the tip of my tongue....
wait a minute.....
I know!