Sunday, 13 July 2008


So before Hampton Court 2008 Flower show is consigned to the dustbin of history the Sock is responding to the hundreds of requests for her view on the conceptual gardens.

First up

Ceci n'est pas un jardin

Arabella says: Je ne te le fais pas dire!

Gambling Environments illustrates the consequences of careless human waste disposal. The cubes represent a set of fortune dice and each face of the dice carries a different word upon it.

Arabella says: Craps!

Plant Spa has been inspired by the threat posed by man to the plant environment. The theme of the garden is an imaginary world of the future, where plants we once took for granted must be protected from the harsh environment we have created.

The design is a spa for plants, where they are pampered and protected, while the humans are the spectators in the outside world.

Arabella says: If it is OK to waste water in this way then the Sock is buying an outdoor jacuzzi!

Forest2 has been talked about elsewhere and the Sock has n
o memory of seeing Somnium Argentum so perhaps she fell asleep.

This next one wasn't conceptual but should have been...

Pulsations: The main purpose of this garden is to demonstrate the possiblities of digital tools and new manufacturing techniques applied to a 21st century urban plot.

Arabella says: Hideous by any standards.

This brings us to the last one

Ecstasy in a Very Black Box is a visual representation of bipolar disorder.
The black, prison like outer wall suggests constraint and limitation while the upturned box spilling its brightly coloured contents expresses freedom and euphoria.

The Sock didn't read the blurb until after viewing the Black box which was curiously fascinating but seemed totally misplaced at a gardening show. Later, on reading the idea behind it the Sock felt that it was indeed a powerful representation of the condition and has stuc
k in her mind more than anything else at the show.

The Sock is intending to submit her own idea for a conceptual garden to next year's Hampton Court Show.
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VP said...

I've no doubt it will be accepted straight away and will attract a substantial grant from the Arts Council for the extremely difficult build and plant selection required.

Arabella Sock said...

Hi VP, Apparently I get six grand and I am basing my design on see-through plants!

emmat said...

I waited for ages. I have been completely sold.

Fat Rascal said...

I can sell you some of those invisible plants -just send me a list!

Sadly, I could relate to "Ceci..."
If you're in the middle of any sort of building work in July and August over here then you start thinking how a cement mixer could be made into a feature!