Friday, 11 July 2008

Everything's Coming up Roses!

The Sock couldn't figure out how to get the music and pictures to play together so you will
just have to have them separately.

clic for the flic

And for the music


emmat said...

i can't believe we both went for show tunes and more darcyism. I am beginning to feel like a fashion designer must do when they think "I know, a fantastic new invention, the miniskirt!" and then they turn up to the runway shows and absolutely everyone has the same idea.

Anyway I love it. especially the way the roses keep on expanding. How on earth can you do these really complicated GIFs that I can't work out how to make, but not do music at the same time?

Arabella Sock said...

I think some weird thought transference is happening in the bloggersphere. I just looked at Garden Monkey's blog and he was talking about Joe and Rachella and roses. He also called Rachella 'duckface' and a while ago I was going to do a separated at birth with Daffy duck but thought it was too mean!!!! LOL!

The gifs are really simple it's like doing those pictures when you were a kid changing each one slightly and then flicking through them at speed to get movement. There must be some way to add music to them - it would make them even more poignant! Ha ha!

I'll have to check out your show tunes now!

Fat Rascal said...

Even weirder, I was expecting this:

When I watched it I thought I had found my separated at birth!

Arabella Sock said...

I used to have an Edith Piaf LP but the Bedsock wouldn't let me play it!

Fat Rascal - do you really look like Edith Piaf? Never mind, it could be worse, Celine Dion sings La Vie en Rose too!