Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Hampton Court - Grump no. 1

Earlier this year the Sock blogged that Chelsea was the Harvey Nicks of Flower Shows and GW Live the Wilkinsons! This kind of put Hampton Court at the Waitrose level but ultimately it was more akin to an overcrowded, overcolourful, overcomercialized Marrakesh souk!

Let the Sock just share this advert from the Daily Mail with you...

This year over 30 acres of tranquil parkland are transformed into the horticultural feat that is the Hampton Court Palace Flower Show. Daily Mail readers have special access to the exclusive Royal Horticultural Society Privilege Days

Would you not agree that the first part of the statement "Daily Mail readers have special access to the exclusive Royal Horticultural Society Privilege Days" negates the last?!!!! Is there some part of exclusive and privilege that the RHS organisers don't understand?

The Sock doesn't believe she is by any means alone in not feeling privileged to share the members day with every Daily Mail reader within 20 miles of London! In the event you could find space to breathe on your own you could while away a little time playing "spot the RHS member"!

As Tuesday was billed as 'the day most likely to have the best weather for the show' everyone had turned up making it claustrophobically overcrowded. Whilst the Sock had foregone the option of taking the somewhat naff plant trolley with her (something the Bedsock moaned about all day as he carried around all the Sock's plant purchases) millions of other people took the opportunity to ram them around the place! This made it a complete nightmare for those in wheelchairs or for the ludicrous girl who thought it was an appropriate place to take an enormous double-buggy which took up almost the entire width of the walkway forcing everyone else off into the mud!!!

The Sock won't go again unless the RHS does something to limit the numbers and restore members day to the members and people with walking difficulties or disabilities. Otherwise the Sock is seriously thinking about writing them out of her will!

The picture represents the visual and crowd clutter that assailed us. The Sock isn't even sure from the show guide which garden it is supposed to be.

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