Thursday, 10 July 2008

Shabby not Sexy

Back to Hampton Court and the Sock is beginning to think that in spite of the various grumps she was very lucky to enjoy it in Tuesday's sunshine! There were gardens the Sock liked (albeit not very many) the Copella Garden, Dorset Cereals Edible Playground and in particular the Burgbad Sanctuary. The Bedsock found 'Send a Cow' very interesting.

The Sock wasn't keen on the 'Sustainability can be Sexy' garden. The grass covered structure with the round entrance at the back looked like a hobbit/teletubby hybrid which has already been much overdone. The show guide blurb stated:

chic and thought-provoking... shows that sustainability and recycling can be sexy.

How did it do that? A practical family garden with areas for play and entertaining - yes. Sexy - no. And despite the description continuing "this elegant garden has a negative carbon footprint, recycled blah blah" it wasn't elegant, and enough negative carbon footprints already!

Anyway the real gripe about this garden is that you can see from the picture that there was a stack of untidy boxes and other stuff strewn over the front of it. Would they have left it like that on judging day? If it's not good enough for the judges then it's not good enough for the viewing public! Too many of the show gardens (even very occasionally at Chelsea) seem to feel that after they've got their medal then that is it and they are no longer bothered about keeping it in the best possible condition for those who have paid to see it!

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