Wednesday, 16 July 2008

There's no-one quite like Grandad!

The Sock is surprised that nobody else has commented on the astonishing resemblance between tabloid gardening guru, Peter Seabrook and the Werther's Original sweet guzzling Grandad.

No the Sock doesn't mean that they both suck! Rather, that like Grandad Werther, Seabrook embraces his family of Sun-reading gardeners with the same protective grandfatherly glow.


emmat said...

Grandpa Pete
likes his garden real neat
and he likes to use peat
in his windowbox

Grandpa Pete
will offer you a sweet
but be careful what you eat
with the silver fox

He keeps his Werthers in the biscuit tin
on the shelf right next to the sethoxydim
so before you suck
wish yourself good luck
in case it gives you something grim!

Arabella Sock said...

Ha ha ha! That was fast - I only just blogged it!

emmat said...

it's one of my short collection, entitled "Sonnets to Seabrook", to be published in the autumn.

I haven't even got an RSS feed, because i don't understand how to do that stuff

The Black Finger Nail said...
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