Friday, 4 July 2008


The Sock found this on the RHS News

A triangle of rhubarb

Yorkshire’s famed ‘rhubarb triangle’, bounded by Leeds, Bradford and Wakefield, has been re-created – in miniature – at RHS Garden Harlow Carr .

English rhubarb production has centred on West Yorkshire since the late 19th century, and to celebrate this heritage a new rhubarb bed has been created next to the Kitchen Garden.

Harlow Carr holds a National Plant Collection of culinary Rheum x hybridum and the triangular bed contains more than 40 different cultivars including ‘Grandad’s Favorite’ and Yorkshire-bred ‘Paragon’.


Is there something going on here we should be told? Is this triangulation of Joe's allotment and Harlow Carr another 'sign'? Is the rhubarb triangle the route to another dimension like the Bermuda one? If we enter it will we find it to be full of old fridges, Monty's baggywag and the missing pink dahlia?

Is triangulation the way forward? Or is this all just rhubarb..... and we're being fooled!


emmat said...

i think it probably has more to do with a certain gentleman's well-known prediliction for a breakfast of lightly toasted rhubarb buns

principally st trivia said...

What witty and acerbic comments: many a true word is spoken in jest.
If the Rhubarb Triangle is like the Bermuda Triangle, who should disappear into it? A petre(l) sea brook for example?

Fat Rascal said...

From 1st July we were supposed to carry triangles in our cars at all times. There is something spooky going on!

M. Sarkozy claims it's to do with road safety. We also have to have security waistcoats.

I'll never be seen in Dayglo yellow - that's a contradiction - but I certainly wouldn't want to make myself a visible target for a French lorry driver!

Anyway, back to triangles. Maybe the triangle could become the secret sign of the gardening blog community and you could wear them at shows and gardens so you can identify each other. There could be a handshake too.

emmat said...

I already have a hivis vest from when I broke into the show. Actually I already had it from when I broke into Heathrow airport, but that's another story.

I didn't mean to be acerbic - doesn't that mean a bit snide? In fact - ha ha - a bit "tart" - just like rhubarb!

Anyway I blamed it on Lord Harlow Carr but actually i was indulging in my own rhubarb fantasy which is, when i think about it (even) further, the amaaaaaaaazing rhubarb cake in Nigella. If you like rhubarb, and you've never made this, MAKE IT THIS WEEKEND it is amazing.

Uhhhhh it's so delicious.

I feel the rhubarb triangle calling me, strangely calling..... It's saying "it's me, I'm so cold, let me in at your window and put me in a crumble..."

Arabella Sock said...

I do like the idea of a secret sign for gardening (and related) bloggers.
If you touch both thumbs together and then both forefingers you very nearly form a triangle and you could probably get away with making that sign at someone and then pretend you were just admiring your fingernails if they didn't sign back at you. It could definitely work...

Rhubarb crumble...mmmmmmm..stop it.

VP said...

I have rhubarb! I have recipes! Come here for a rhubarb festival!

Oh, that was last March in Wakefield. Back to the drawing board then...

/ \