Wednesday, 9 July 2008

A Trolley load of Guilt

Forest² is a garden that attempts to create the illusion of a forest using parallel mirrors and just 30 trees. The Sock felt that it worked very well and liked the muted colour palette which was a moment of mental calm amidst the frenzied colours of most of the gardens. The blurb in the Show Catalogue reads
The forest is often represented in literature as a place of encounter and this is signified here by the inclusion of two boulder seats that echo the warm white of the tree trunks.
So far so good but it then goes on to say
...high mirrored walls multiply the forest to infinity. This offers a stark contrast to the ongoing disappearance of the world's forests due to our unsustainable stripping of the earth's natural resources..

Was the last sentence really necessary? It felt like the now obligatory add-on "sustainability blah blah blah" as if it wouldn't get into the show ground without the right environmental credentials.

Don't get the Sock wrong -- she is all for sustainability, recycling, saving the world etc. but doesn't need it rammed down her throat at every possible opportunity!

Later the Sock overhead a woman say to her friend "I came here for some fun and a trolley-load of plants, not a trolley-load of guilt!". How true, how very very true....


Fat Rascal said...

Once again, at the risk of being accused of being the sock of the sock - I've been having the very same thoughts!

I'm wondering if, now we're entering a recession, gardening couldn't become more fun.

Fed up with seeing recycled - rubbish, really!

I have a sneaky little doubt (which I'd never confess in public) that being organic has as much to do with the proliferation of lily beetles, rosemary beetles, leylandii aphids etc as global warming does.

Not that I want a return to chemical warfare by any means, but I'd like to see more froth, more pink (emma!)and you're right -less guilt!

emmat said...

that is a hilarious quote. I love eavesdropping on people, but that is a particular corker

patientgardener said...

I have moaned about this sustainability business and being environmentally friendly on my blog and was amazed at the support I got. Gardeners are probably one of the most environmentally aware groups so why target us

HappyMouffetard said...

I liked the look of the forest(2) (can't do superscipt - sorry) on the TV last night. However, SomeBeans suggested the stones looked like rognons blancs, which is what the "conceptual artist" appeared to be talking last night.