Saturday, 2 August 2008

All on hold at the Beeb

by the Seas raving reporter the Black Fingernail

The Sea of Immeasurable Gravy has been entertaining salacious rumours that BBC plans to announce the new lead presenter of GW at the beginning of August have been shelved. Apparently the BBC can no longer afford Matthew Wilson, Chris Beardshaw or Carol Vorderman after being fined £400,000 for phone-in and competition scams. MW was offered a drop in salary to 10% of the original offer of £1 million a year, but declined to take it as he felt it wouldn't even be enough to cover feeding and housing his stag beetle collection.

The BBC are looking for a quality but budget price presenter to take on the role. It is once again believed to be looking outside of the gardening community given that the past two presenters have come from established media roles at Pebble Mill and the Holiday programme. Sources not very close to Roly Keating, BBC2 Controller, suggest that the current front runner is said to be the BBC Radio classified football results announcer James Alexander-Sinclair.

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