Sunday, 24 August 2008

Fiddle diddle dee diddle dee, said the fiddlers

The Socks went to see Seth Lakeman in concert at Arundel Castle on Friday night. For those who haven't heard of him Seth is a very fine folk fiddler embodied in a rather gorgeous young man. The Bedsock would say rather more about his music but that is enough for the Sock!

Sitting out in the field below the castle and gazing up at the ramparts above the Sock was reminded of other visits to Arundel. Some years ago the Sock's took a visiting Bulgarian academic professor for a "cultural visit" to the castle. Christo was amazed and horrified by the gorier details of mediaeval punishments gasping "the English are barbarians" when the Sock explained what being hung drawn and quartered meant. The Sock thought this was something of a cheek as she had never thought Bulgarians of yore were that big on human rights.

Christo was the most totally adorable man. Despite some dark periods in his life including serving in the army and even (at that time) the hardships of life for his family in Bulgaria, he was completely in touch with his inner child which made him a soul mate for the Sock. Christo had improved his English by attending a language school in Oxford where he had been taught various quite inappropriate phrases by fellow students a practice built on by his colleagues at Sussex.

One morning Christo turned up at my office saying "Hah Arabella, I am going for a slash!" (Christo invariably preceded his statements with "Hah".) "I don't think that is quite correct Christo, if you are going to the toilet it is polite to say 'I am going for a Jimmy' which is rhyming slang for Jimmy Riddle/Piddle". "Oh no, Christo" a passing research fellow joined in "you should say 'I am going to shake my snake'". Christo happily repeated all these phrases to himself picking up more from people as the day went on. His finest moment came when he suddenly stood up at an important meeting of 'high-level' people and with his brown eyes and gold tooth flashing announced "Hah! I am going to point Percy at the porcelain!"

Christo remained incredibly trusting that everything he was told was correct - despite massive evidence to the contrary. He once came to me asking "Hah, Arabella my little sweetie-pudding - I must take some food for a buffet what should it be?". "How about you make some snot sandwiches and some earwax pie?" I replied "Ask Doreen for the recipes." Sometime later Christo returned from having asked straitlaced Doreen. Waving his finger at me in admonishment and flashing his gold tooth and laughing eyes he said "Hah, very naughty Arabella, very naughty!"

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