Sunday, 17 August 2008


Some pictures of my current favourite Heuchera for VP. With my usual lack of organisation I have lost the name of it although a quick google leads me to believe it is 'Mocha'.

Now VP - does this convince you that it is not a nasty gingery-dog-sicky heuchera?

The other heuchera is lime rickey. Some of the leaves get a bit bleached out in summer but over winter the brightness of the lime lights up a dull corner of the garden.


Dudfield said...

Spooky. I always lose my labels too. How to identify the ones I have then? Is teher a heuchera encyclopedia or maybe and on-line sweetie shop to help identify them?

VP said...

That's much better than the washed out sickliness of Creme Brulee. It's much more like the darker leaved varieties I tend to favour. I find my Lime Rickey goes a lovely buttery yellow colour over winter. Another reason to buy it.

emmat said...

oohhh it's too tempting show us more of the garden, show us more! I love that little terracotta corner

Fat Rascal said...

How about we send you photos of the ones we have that we do know the names of? We could have a sockheuchera dictionary!

It would help me as the last two I bought were just labelled "Heuchera".

I'd also like to know what people are feeding their dogs!

Dishwasher Crab said...

Feeding your dog play-doh will give this sort of effect.