Friday, 22 August 2008

Let me entertain you...

No the Sock isn't going to entertain you today. She is just going to direct you to the BBC Gardening site which is quite amusing this week.

One of their suggestions for the Bank Holiday weekend is to build a rustic bench!!! What is it with the Beeb and rustic benches? Two pieces of tree stump and a plank - well two planks actually, one for the bench and Monty Don as you will find out when you play the instruction video. Presumably Toby 'Tumnus's effort at rustic bench building wasn't up to scratch!!

If that doesn't appeal to you then spend the weekend making a hoggin path or weaving an obelisk.

So that's your jobs dealt with. Then we turn to the next slot the...wait for it... ethical gardening slot.... the Sock doesn't know about you but she can't wait to spend the weekend getting ethical in the garden.

Then tonight we are getting a Gardener's World special starring Rachella. And guess what Rachella is going to show us? How climate change is likely to affect roses!!

Bored already...

Another way to entertain yourself is to type into google searches for Chris Beardshaw fan and Chris Beardshaw pants and see how high in the search listing the Sea of Immeasurable Gravy is. Ha ha ha!

UPDATE: This is awful. Whilst the Sock is winning on the googling Chris Beardshaw pants front, and is 25th listing with Matthew Wilson pants the Garden Monkey has beaten her in the googling stakes with

Cleve West pants
Joe Swift pants
Monty Don pants
and just pipped the Sock to the top of the league for James Alexander-Sinclair pants

can this post address this problem and put the Sock back in the running for Gold?

Oh no... further googling reveals that the Sock is top of the league for Toby Buckland pants but
the Garden Monkey has scored an own goal with top billing for Christine Walkden pants!


Yolanda Elizabet said...

The ethical garden? How can a garden be ethical? The gardener may be if s/he feels so inclined but a garden? And whatever next? The totally PC garden and after that the *I brake for men in cord and women with a permanent bad hair day* garden?

For some reason I've suddenly lost the will to live.

emmat said...

But a garden simply doesn't exist without a gardener - that's the whole point - so I guess it implies an ethical gardener.

Don't lose the will to live YE though! The whole issue of ethical gardening (joking about TB's pants aside) can be really interesting - I mean - it's not clear what that would mean - a Buddhistly ethical garden would involve never killing anything. In fact, I know some very vegan gardeners who insist on only using barriers against slugs and snails - not killing. I love how different everybody is... it doesn't necessarily have to mean bad hair...

emmat said...

PS - here's something that makes me lose the will to live - I just looked up your link Arabella to what's on GW tonight -

Argh! "key talent" ?!!?!?!? it's vommmmiiiiittttttyyyyy

I heard from GW mag that it was gonna be "Matt Wilson" and dan Pearson showing off cottage gardens. ???

Fat Rascal said...

I'm pondering whether to ask Even Fatter Rascal if he knows how to say "bendy willow withies" in French!

and if he does, I can just imagine the look I'd get in the GC if I asked if they stocked them!

Or is it unethical to buy them? Do you have to grow your own?

It's a minefield.

Arabella Sock said...

I'm totally ethical already except for the vine-weevil killer.

granro said...

I REALLY think you might have aded 'as far as my garden is concerned' to that last statement, Arabella!

VP said...

Whaaaaaa! Where was MW tonight?

SomeBeans said...

I'm guessing boiling slugs isn't ethical?

emmat said...

Well my uncle always claims its okay to boil any living thing (mainly with respect to lobsters) as they fall asleep slowly. Tell that to the people in Uzbehkistan though.

Simon said...

I'm trying for "Boris Johnson pants" myself but am still waiting for the crawly things to do their stuff. What's "ethical" mean?

Arabella Sock said...

Ethical: In accordance with principles of conduct that are considered correct.

A totally meaningless concept really as it doesn't say who has to consider them correct so it could be an individual or a group rather than a society. So in answer to an earlier comment that suggested that the Sock wasn't as ethical as she might be I would say that the Sock has her own ethical code which she sticks to. The fact is that the template for that code doesn't always match everyone else's.