Friday, 8 August 2008

Olympics - Bored already

The Sock has found a dearth of inspiration for gardening posts this week. Has the muse finally left her after the 10,000th viewer turned up at the Sea? Or is this just the usual August garden malaise - that vacuum between the summer hopes of July and the resignation of September when we know it has gone already. Thank goodness for the Emsworth Village Fete and Veg Plottings Open Garden to cheer us up but what we really need to know in August is who is the new 'Best in Show'.

In order to while away the hours of lethargy the Sock tuned into the Opening Ceremony for the Beijing Olympics. There was an absolutely awe inspiring performance of millions of Chinese drummers all dancing and drumming in perfect uniformity even their expressions were the same. Except when they zoomed in close to the line up on line of identical performers you could see that one, and only one in the thousands, was out of sync! It was a joy to see really as he even had a great big grin on his face and looked like he was right out there giving it welly! It did occur to the Sock that he was now probably for the chop in a somewhat literal sense.

Whether the Sock will watch any more of the Olympics is unclear. The diving is alright and the new pole-dancing event should be interesting but the Sock ain't holding her breath...


emmat said...

god did I already miss it? Sigh.

Fat Rascal said...

We were sharing the brain cell again as I said to Even Fatter Rascal "Off with their heads!"
every time I noticed someone making a mistake.

It was chilling to think some secret policeman was probably doing the same thing!

Dishwasher Crab said...

You can pick up those giant paddles on e-Bay now for next to nothing.