Thursday, 7 August 2008


The Sock has been busy checking her files for sockerazzi pictures suitable for entering into The Emsworth Village Show best pictures of a gardening celeb section. This runs in conjunction with Veg Plotting's Open Garden Day a lovely idea all in aid of Water Aid.

This picture has already been in the public domain but it still makes the Sock laugh!

clic for the pic


VP said...

I've already told Emma you're going to be hard to beat in lots of the categories...

Thanks for the link my bloggy friend :)

Fat Rascal said...

Great initiatives from both of you!

I'm trawling through my pics even I dare bring out my naughty carrot again?

Would a photo of a CB autograph fit into any category? Is there a sad stalker one?

Arabella Sock said...

I've got some pictures of sad stalkers too.

By the way I'm compiling pictures for a book (proceeds to charity) called 'Gardeners in their underpants'.

Pictures can be sent to the Sock. If you don't send a picture I'll probably just make some up.

emmat said...

oh that's made me cry with laughter
where has it been in the public domain? Did i miss it on here?
Oh no i've just read the comment about the underpants book and that's started me off again, stop, i can't actually breathe

emmat said...

PS maybe we should have a category of photos of sad garden stalkers? (goes away rubbing chin thoughtfully)

Anonymous said...

I'm a sad Monty stalker, but you haven't got a photo!
What is so rude about Arabella's chilli????