Thursday, 21 August 2008

With two cats in the yard...

It must be time for more pictures of the Sock's cats. Above is Luka. As you can see he is a real badass cat! The Sock believed that he was the floppiest, cuddliest, silliest cat in the world and has been worrying as despite our urban terraced environment there is a family of foxes live locally and at least one follows the cats route up along the back of the gardens. Sometimes the fox stops in front of the shed to admire the garden before going on his way. The Sock has been fearful that the fox will see this great big ball of fluff and have a go at him!

Yesterday Luka dropped down from his afternoon kip on the shed and started ambling sleepily down the garden in the hope of a nice treat from the fridge when suddenly he ran back up the garden behind the shed and a fox bolted out from the other side with Luka in hot pursuit! Having seen the fox off his garden Luka then continued to strut back down the garden as if nothing had happened!

Luka was named after the Bedsock's favourite singer Luka Bloom.

And this is his sister Hebe helping with the ironing. Hebe was named after an incident with Chris Beardshaw.

Hebe is curiously obsessed with snails and can often be seen with her head stuffed into one of the urns scattered around the garden checking for them. Once sighted she hooks the snail with her claw and then hurls it across the garden with all the skill of a discus thrower!

And this is two cats in the garden - it is sunny so it must have been taken last year!


VP said...

That picture of Hebe in the urn reminds me of the song 'Who Wants to be a Millionnaire?', when she's singing into the vases!

It's very restful in your garden -well, that's how it looks from here. More please!

VP said...

PS Hubby has totally fallen in love with Luka and Hebe.

Arabella Sock said...

Actually there isn't that much more of the garden! Ha ha. That border is quite restful and there are always loads of bees providing a soporific hum but unfortunately the rest of the garden jars on me at the moment.

I am toying with plans to get the crumbling side walls rebuilt which are home to billions of snails. Also the shed needs replacing and I want to put an attractive greenhouse there instead but that might not be feasible because what will I do with all the stuff in the shed? And if I do that I might as well redesign the borders I'm bored with. But if we are going to do all that perhaps we should just move somewhere with a bigger garden and a brand new gardening adventure for us rather than just toying with the old. Too many questions.

Anonymous said...

Good work Luka!
Fox 0- Luka 1
Now will you learn to help with the ironing like your sister?
There's a good boy

Arabella Sock said...

I'm afraid Luka fulfills a lot of male stereotypes not least sitting around with his legs akimbo scratching himself!! (Would like to point out that the Bedsock doesn't do this but I think he might be a rarity as he likes shopping, spending money and cooking so he is probably a bit of a girl.) Luka hunts frogs and thinks he can get round me when he has been bad by being extra loving. He embraces the big picture of life.

Hebe is a Daddy's girl and is totally in love with the Bedsock. She likes to sleep on newly washed laundry and enjoys the minutiae of life.

Yolanda Elizabet said...

Only 2 cats? That's not nearly enough, surely? There's oodles of us at Bliss and we, the Bliss team, would like to ask Hebe to come live with us as our garden is infested with snails. There are no foxes here so Luka can keep you company but we would like him to visit us from time to time to chew the grass.

And, as you know, cats are very curious so what incident with Chrisk Beardshaw?

Lots of purrrrrrrs from the Bliss team for the gorgeous Luka and Hebe!

emmat said...

My brother is facebook engaged to a girl called Hebe, but i don't think they've ever actually kissed. I hate cats, but even i can make an excpetion and I love Luka and Hebe, have they got a bit of Abyssinian in them (phna phnar) they look like my friend's cat Pushkin?

VP said...

Well, I'm wih you in wanting to totally change my garden - as I've said already over at my place today. I think we're destined to be disatisfied with our creations, only seeing the faults where others only see the good.

Arabella Sock said...

Oh no Yolanda-Eliazbet you can't have my Hebe not until she gets rid of all my snails which will never ever happen! Two cats isn't enough really except when one is biting your feet and the other one is sneezing in your face in a disgusting effort to wake you up!!

A lot of people are fed up with hearing about the fact that Chris Beardshaw killed my hebe but even after years I am still not over it!
He gave advice on TV that hebes could be pruned right back so I rushed out and cut my Hebe 'red rim' right back. It died! So at Chelsea 2006 I cornered him and asked what excuse he had for this misinformation and he said that the TV producers must have edited the bit where he said "Obviously no-one but a complete moron would cut it right back into the old wood!". Because he had such beautiful eyes and smile I totally believed him but since then I think maybe I was fooled as so often happens! Ha ha.

Arabella Sock said...

We'll let you off hating cats Emma as you are clearly a "dog" person like Fat Rascal and she needs some support in that corner!

I think Hebe has a touch of Abyssinian shown up in her - Luka is much rounder faced and more how he is supposed to look for the breed (British shorthaired spotted tabby or something like that.)

I meant to go up to Wisley (again) today but it was so horrid this morning I couldn't get up the enthusiasm. I suspect I've missed the chance now as it will be far to crowded over the weekend. Perhaps I'll just plant up some of the stuff I got at Hampton Court instead!