Friday, 29 August 2008

You've been Framed

The Sock is not well - please send chocolates, cake, a bottle of Talisker and sympathy in that order to the Sea of Immeasurable Gravy. Imagine the poor Sock's shock, when she hauled herself off the couch (where she had finally started watching the entire recorded series of Damages) to find that it is possible she is being framed for the murder of Brother Toby Buckland in the continuing saga of Midsommer Berryfields!

Shome mishtake shurely! The bit of knicker elastic is clearly a plant.

The Sock has her theories about whodunnit and believes the Village Idiot clearly fits the profile!

clic for the pic

It is also possible that Colonel Don isn't dead! Is this His Organic Jerkinness braving the crazoids on the BBC boards (message 33)? Or is it just a sock?

The Sock's twin step-sister Hermione Snufflebum is coming to look after her.. where is the Black Fingernail when you need him?


Yolanda Elizabet said...

There, there, my dear Sock, don't carry on so. Here's a nice big box of Dutch choccies, possibly the best in the world ( a deep dark secret as we don't export those choccies, we prefer to gobble them up all by ourselves but don't tell anyone I said so). And look on the bright side; we're shut of brother Buckland. Isn't that the best news you've heard in years? If it will cheer you up you and I can do a little dance on his grave once he's buried. There,you're feeling much better now, aren't you? Have another chocolate!

Arabella Sock said...

Thank you Yolanda Elizabet - you are very kind. They are soooooooo much better than Belgian chocolates.

The cats have been very helpful during my indisposition. They have entertained me by chasing a frog around the garden so that in turn I could rush out in my dressing gown and try and get the frog off them. I only stepped on one slimey slug and two crushed snails before I got the frog.

Anonymous said...

Arabella, as I have heard that your twin step sister is a little eccentric, are you sure you two will get on while you are convalescing?
She's probably only offered because she wants to be around when the police come for you.

Rumpole of the Bailey said...

Do you need legal advice Ms Sock?

No win no fee etc...!

Arabella Sock said...

No win.. no fee. no deal.

If necessary the Sock is going to represent herself with the help of her trusty advocate Fat Rascal and the support of all the other socks - there are a lot of us about!

emmat said...

Arabella, I would like to believe that it wasn't you, but of course a deprived and abusive childhood often does lead people to a life of crime. I mean, it's not your fault, it's just socioeconomics.

Fat Rascal said...

Arabella, I advise you not to answer any questions unless I am present.

Can you give me a barrister's wig?
I feel I should have an appropriate costume if anyone is going to take me seriously.

(BFN is probably doing a bit of investigating behind the scenes on your behalf.)

Anonymous said...

When am I allowed to shout
Not yet, ok,

Fat Rascal said...

Just testing my new look.

The wig is 100% ethical, no sheep were hurt in its manufacture.

Arabella Sock said...

Hmmm... you look a bit like Marilyn Monroe but it will have to do! If you get to be a judge you get a better wiggywig.

Try not to forget the Sock hasn't been accused of anything yet and all the evidence is circumambulatory. How much CSI have you watched? And I don't mean the one with creepy Horatio lurking in it.

Fat Rascal said...

Quite right, it's up to the prosecution to supply the evidence.

I'm expecting Miss Maple to make full disclosure.

I'd like to appear before Judge John Deed myself, but I fear we're all going to get our US and British law confused, sooner or later!

emmat said...

I never thought i would see a cake with a wig on, but there we go, life is full of surprises

Anonymous said...

Fat rascal
Sheep might have not been actually hurt, but have you thought of the poor little darlings out there tonight with the wind whistling in their willows?