Sunday, 7 September 2008

Ain't no sunshine....

The Sock has been quiet in a week that should have offered some inspiration from both C5's offering of "I own Britain's top... Garden" and Rachella digs a border. There appears to be a common consensus that the former was OK but suffered from the usual tacky judging format and the latter was just a bewildering waste of time. The Sock only watched Rachella in the hope that the border would turn out to be as ghastly as she expected from a peculiar combination of roses and grasses. Ultimately, the pleasure of scoffing at it was denied when only a fleeting glimpse of the developed border was shown. There wasn't a laugh out loud moment in either show so either comedy standards are slipping or the Sock's seasonal affective disorder has started earlier than usual and it is already time to get the SAD light out.

More cheeringly was this article the Sock found today from a male mad cat lady! The Bedsock has already ordered the book.

And whilst browsing the online papers this article on The World's 50 Most Beautiful Gardens caught the Sock's eye. As mentioned previously the Bedsock's great passion is all things food oriented and he was pleased to find that we had visited a fair percentage of The World's 50 top Restaurants as listed in the Restaurant magazine. In view of this the Sock was somewhat aggrieved to find that she had visited surprisingly few of the top 25 European gardens shown and is determined that this imbalance must soon be addressed. Charles Jencks Garden of Cosmic Speculation, Ninfa outside Rome and Villandry in France are top of the list to visit.

The Sock will leave you with one of her favourite jokes..

How do you turn a duck into a soul singer?

You cook it in the microwave until it's bill withers.


aspidistra said...

Snort! I'm glad to see you are back, Arabella, even with that ghastly joke. Both you and Emma T had gone a bit quiet, so I was wondering whether you had eloped off together into cyperspace?

VP said...

Tee hee! That's my kind of joke!

Get your SAD lamp out - you missed the classic:

AW - that pool needs some black dye to make it more reflective

LM (dismissively) - I like it as it is. That's very Chelsea.

I actually laughed out loud in what was a very dire programme on the whole.

Arabella Sock said...

Ha ha! I did miss that one! I'm definitely slipping!

emmat said...

God, had we both gone a bit quiet? I was suffocating under the most ginormous pile of work... still am actually.

I can't help thinking "Tom cox" is clearly a thinly-veiled pseudonym of Matthew Wilson