Tuesday, 16 September 2008

I say, I say, I say - my wife's gone to the botanical gardens..

The Sock seems to have had a lot of visitors who have googled "Sock Toby Buckland". Whilst some of the more discerning gardeners might agree with that sentiment it does seem that most people seem to think that he is very nearly Geoff Hamilton.

Clearly people were desperate to know the Sock's verdict on Tumnus but having finally watched the GW from last Friday the Sock must disappoint her audience by having nothing to say at all. Although it was only half an hour the Sock fell asleep several times and had to keep rewinding.

Let's face it - the guy is never going to do well in stand-up if he can't even tell a joke! Not that the show was without comedy moments (more on those later in the week) but they didn't really include Toby. He definitely needs a better scriptwriter.

Here is a joke he could end the show with next week

What is yellow and smells a bit of bananas?

Monkey sick.


jane said...

Ah your joke bleaurghs my mind.

I feel Alys was a tad pissed off and has decided to make more of an effort by ditching the dame edna glasses in order to impress.

granro said...

That is a truly horrible joke, Arabella. Congratulations!

I think Alys was just fed up with being likened to a sexy secretary. It was a very individual look and it seems sad that she felt she had to change.

Arabella Sock said...

Alys is very lovely glasses on or off I do hope they don't try and normalise her! Or worse have her flirting with Toby each week... hmmm on the other hand..........

Yolanda Elizabet said...

At last someone else who wasn't bowled over by brother Buckland. I thought that last week's GW was thoroughly snoreworthy. Hopefully things will pick up, if not then at least I'll have something to help me fall asleep. A totally organic and very ethical sleep remedie, who can beat that? :-)

Arabella Sock said...

Yolanda-elizabet you are not alone! There is a small but growing band of socks who are less than impressed by Toby Buckbland. Some have been afraid to come out of the closet as Bucklandophobes but there is a rising tide.. and we will fight him on the beaches...we will prune him in the hedgerows...etc. and one day, one day not so far away, pink dahlias will again rule at Berryfields.

Yolanda Elizabet said...

Prune him in the hedgerows? Now there's a thought. ;-)

Let there be pink Dahlia's and manly cord trousers at Berryfields once again.

Socks of the gardening world unite!