Sunday, 5 October 2008

Ask Arabella

Dear Ms. A. Sock

I have been shocked to notice on your sitemeter how many people from the BBC are viewing your blog.

I am incandescent that the British public are funding the BBC to peruse a load of pants! Is this what we pay the licence fee for?

Disgusted, Tunbridge Wells

PS. Where can I get the blue ones?

Arabella says: I haven't the faintest idea what you're talking about.

My Darling Arabella

I am so deeply sorry that you had to see the news on my website that I had kissed 186 people at Britain in Bloom. I didn't enjoy any of it and thought only of you.

It has been so hard keeping my feelings for you deep inside when I would like to shout it to the world. That is why I have been looking a bit depressed recently.

CB, Worcs.

Arabella says: Typical of a man eh? The Sock is the one who is hurt but he's the one looking for sympathy!!

Dear Sockywocky

I accidentally upset all the cat and bad poetry lovers and now no-one loves me any more. How can I make amends with the dear mad cat ladies of the blogosphere?


Arabella says: Don't you worry J all the Socks loves ya! In any case we don't want you devoting your time to some pampered pussy when you can come and play with us!

Dear Sock

For years my wife has been telling me I can't have a black bamboo as they are unsuitable for our garden. Now I have read her blog comments and understand that I have been lied to all this time as they will grow in a pot!!! How can I ever trust her again?

The Bedsock

Arabella says: Oops!


Anonymous said...


granro said...

I've changed my mind, can have them in pink?