Sunday, 12 October 2008


Hurrah! It's LAPCPADPOUB day at last and the Sock knows you have all been desperate to see pictures of her precious pussicatkins. They are both two and a half years old.

So first up my gorgeous, handsome, babe of a boy Luka!

He was named after the singer Luka Bloom who is one of the Bedsock's favourites. He is a big soft, soppy, loving bundle (and so is Luka! ha ha). Luka knows he deserves all the love in the world because he is worth it even though he is a bit daft.

Luka likes catching frogs, Luka loves his food and treats from the fridge, Luka likes to lurk

best of all Luka likes cuddles!

Then there his sister Hebe.

Hebe was named after the "Chris Beardshaw incident" and as it also turned out the goddess of mischief. Hebe is wriggly and jumpy and beebles about a lot. She likes to sleep in the washing basket when it has clean washing in it.

She enjoys catching butterflies, bees and twigs. Hebe is happy to annoy the little dog next door by gloating over the fence at him until the dog goes into a frenzy of madness as she is just out of reach.

Hebe always wants to test the water.

Best of all Hebe loves to sleep curled up with the Sock like spoons.

And now for the bad pome! The Sock hasn't had time to write a new one so here is one from last year when the bad poetry muse struck....

With sincere apologies to Lewis Caroll

The sun was shining on the day
Shining with all his might
He did his very best to make
The garden green and bright
The muddy brown and sodden grass
Was not a pretty sight

The lawn was wet as wet could be
The borders far from dry
You could not see the sun
Because no sun was in the sky
The seagulls screaming overhead
The only birds to fly

Arabella and her Bedsock love
Were gardening in the flood
They wept like anything to see
Such quantities of mud
If this were only cleared away
They said, 'it would be good'

If seven men with seven mops
Swept it for half a year
Do you suppose, the Bedsock said
That they could get it clear?
"I doubt it" Arabella sighed
And shed a bitter tear

'Oh puss cats come and play with us'
Arabella did beseech
A little stroke, a little brush..
The cats played out of reach
We cannot do with more than two
To give a hug to each

The two young kittens hurried up
All eager for the treat
The coats were brushed their ears all washed
Their whiskers clean and neat
The only thing that spoilt the look was horrid muddy feet

Arabella and the Bedsock
Worked on an hour or so
And then they rested on a bench
Conveniently low
And both the little puss cats stood
And waited in a row

'The time has come' Arabella said
To talk of many things
Of slugs and snails and vine weevils
Of screeching gulls with wings
And why chasing bees will end in tears
With nasty horrid stings

"Dear cats" said Arabella
You've had a pleasant run!
It's time you left those birds alone!
But birdsong came there none
And this was scarcely odd, because
The cats had eaten every one


HappyMouffetard said...

Arabella, those are gorgeous kitty-kats (and don't they know it!). The poem is a work of art.

Thank you for joining in LAPCPADPOUB day!


VP said...

That is sheer, utter genius Arabella.

Our two are bringing frogs in on a daily basis too.

Strangely we don't have the screech of seagulls here either. I thought it was because of our inland position, but perhaps... ?

Arabella Sock said...

I would say that Luka has decimated the local frog population but that would mean only one in ten frogs killed. The reality is there is only one in ten frogs left!

Countless times I have run around the garden pursuing a cat with a frog dangling out of its mouth. The frogs are usually shocked but unharmed if I can rescue them soon enough. I usually put them in the pondlet which I thought would be safer for them but then the cats sit around the edge waiting for the frog to come up for a breather and scoop it out!

I wish the cats would kill off the local seagulls - that would be REALLY useful.

granro said...

Beautiful,beautiful cats, and I think the poemis too good to be bad, so it's bound to be disqualified.

Zoë said...

purrfect pusses, and as granro said, the poem is too good to be bad!

Having seen them , I am now seriously tempted once again to indulge in kittens .... somebody save me!

Yolanda Elizabet said...

Your pome was truly awful but in a good way. Great contribution to LAPetc Day!

Love those wonderful kittycats of yours. Pass Luka to me, will you, as I need to cuddle him a bit, well much. And then I need to hold your pretty little kittycat girl too. She's very sensible, isn't she, for choosing to sleep on the clean washing. ;-)

BTW re the frog problem: my cats catch them too but they have trained me into giving them a nice treat as soon as they let go of the froggy. Kitty treats taste much nicer than the average frog does so they're very happy to let the frog go.

Anonymous said...

I hate the noise frogs make when they are caught by cats. I have to agree with granro and Zoe - the poems a bit good.
Oh - amazing eyes on your cat

Arabella Sock said...

I suspect the pome is just the right level of badness to win - not totally studied awfulness just a bit on the doggerel side but with aspirations!

Nobody to save you Zoë - there must be a pair of incredibly cute little furry friends needing to be rescued by you..

The screaming noise that frogs make is awful - like a high pitched drill. And then they go into surrender mode with their flippers over their heads which is really sad..

As far as swapping treats for frogs goes they normally end up with both..

Fat Rascal said...

I know it's cat day but James has set a precedent by posting a photo of his doggy! I couldn't read his blog either but I've done a tour of everybody else's and although I'm not converted to the cause I have let the occasional aaaaaah! escape!

This is my contribution:

My dog was kind to all he met,
He never snapped when at the vet
Children and postmen were in safe paws
No living thing need fear his jaws

All felines quickly summed him up
He was a marshmallow from a pup
They’d stroll in boldly through the door
And strut around him on the floor

Chacha would block him on the stair
Chloe swat him from her chair
Molly would join him on our bed
Mistou rub against his head

Even feral cats, all skin and bone
Treated his dog bowls as their own
The most emaciated, inbred puss
Knew that César was a wuss

When he’d gone the cats still came
Sniffed his basket and left again.
In homage to a gentle soul?
But a cat can’t fill a dog shaped hole.

So maybe my poem’s a little sad
But you must agree –it is quite bad!

( message to Arabella -my e-mail is down, maybe photos could be added later?)

intrepid_explorer said...

What bewtiful kittens!

My 2 don't bother about frogs, thank goodness. Mind you Suki is so fat (I had to type that very quietly as she is sitting next to me) that she couldn't catch a cold.

Lotti likes to bring me live mice which she lets go so that they can go and live in luxury under the boiler. The cupboard to one side houses floor cloths etc., the one the other side accommodates the bird food. Mouse heaven!

Arabella Sock said...

Fat Rascal! I wondered where you had got to. No email today - I think you should post a doggybloggy next week to make up for all this pussiwussiness. I hope your pome wins it is quite bad!

Intrepid Explorer - difficult to say whether frogs or mice are the most upsetting cat catch. At least your mice are happy.

Juliet said...

You can never post too many photos of those cats! But no photos of half-eaten frogs please ...

James said...

Arabella, Arabella, Arabella. I am sooo disappointed. I had hoped for something truly appalling from you but you have let me down, you have let the great institution on LAPCPADPOUB Day down and you have let yourself down.
Your cats are indeed very handsome and your poem is not half bad.
I expected worse.

Arabella Sock said...

You are right James! It was sheer laziness on my part not to write something hideous. I feel ashamed.
Nevermind - when the bad poetry muse next comes to visit I will try and write something about hats!

jane said...

I think you worked very hard on your poem!