Tuesday, 21 October 2008

You're Everywhere and nowhere Baby - that's where you're at

The Socks visited High Beeches gardens on Sunday to get a dose of Autumn leaves. It was not as spectacular as some other Sussex gardens like Sheffield Park but made up for this by the lack of crowds enabling us to wander around in peace.

On entering the grounds the lady on the reception desk told the Sock "You look very lovely in your hat my dear!". This was enormously gratifying as recently the Socks had bought some new hats from a Brighton shop appropriately called Mad Hatters. On returning home with them Old Ma Sock (aka The DM which stands for Demented Munchkin rather than Dear Mamma) who was staying at the time, quipped "Ha ha - were they giving them away at Tescos?" Possibly not quite as demented as she would have you believe most of the time.

The Sock loves hats but suffers from a slight unease when wearing them. This is quite possibly due to having been bought up in Wales where (at the time) the least a hat wearer might endure would be people singing "Who's the twat in the silly hat?" at you. Or, alternatively, you might just get beaten up.

Luckily things have changed over the years, even in Wales. Now more people than ever are 'out of the closet' hatwise due, in no small part, to trendsetters like James Alexander-Sinclair with his famed collection of hats and Joe Swift with his Indiana Jones hat.


the cycling gardener said...

I can usually be found on site in my steel toe capped boots, builder style trousers (no bum cleavage I hasten to add) and practical over-sized jacket. Last winter, off site, I decided to sport a delightful black furry hat with accompanying ivory jacket, black jeans, high black boots (you get the picture) and thought I looked pretty cool until a contractor saw me and asked where the garden party was?

Arabella Sock said...

I'm sure you looked extremely dashing and that the high black boots would have done even Sarah Raven proud! Some people just don't appreciate style.

The Bedsock's hat is black and furry (with trim) and is one of those where you can pin the ear flaps up over the top of your head! Marvellous!

VP said...

Sadly hats and I don't get on - they give me 'hat hair' :(

VP said...

BTW - MW features very strongly in next month's GW magazine!

VP said...

Oh and I now have a couple of H. 'Peach Flambe' courtesy of R. Pete Free!

Arabella Sock said...

Two of my favourite things peach flambé and MW!!! I just went to the newsagents to get the GW and can you believe that although they had hundreds of different Heat type celeb crap magazines there wasn't ONE Gardening mag. They even had a copy of Coarse Fishing like the demand for that is bigger than gardening!!! Is this a sign of the times?