Monday, 10 November 2008

The Australian Guide to Organic Gardening

The Socks were lying in their kingsize bed with views directly over the harbour to Sydney Opera House watching breakfast TV when on came someone called the Lazy Gardener to do a slot about organic gardening.

"So what is organic gardening?" questioned the manicured blonde presenter.

"Well organic gardening is when you cut down on the chemicals......... a bit"

answered the Lazy Gardener.


Lots of love to everyone



Karen - An Artist's Garden said...

Too funny
Hope you are having a lovely time.

JamesA-S said...

Honestly. You go umpteen thousand miles to a new and exciting continent and your report back finds you lying in bed watching telly. You could have done that during a wet midweek economy break in Clitheroe.
Where are the stories of trollicking kangaroos, fierce wombats, Kylie Minogue, baby eating dingoes, spectacular landscapes, taciturn drongoes, sun beating on red earth, monster waves, coral reefs, the Flying Doctor, towering eucalypts etc, etc?
Get a grip Socks!

emmat said...


Zoë said...

and they wouldn't give a 4X for anything else!

Bring on the killer Koalas!

Have a fabulous time.

Truly, Madly, Deeply Jealous!


aspidistra said...

As Oz is the home of permaculture, presumably the manicured blonde imagines that is a kind of hairdo?

As J-S so succinctly(well perhaps that isn't quite the word I am scrabbling for) put it, do try to get out a bit.

Will you be doing a guest spot on 'I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of here' while you are over there? While you lounge around Sydders, the very organic Esther Ranting and perma-cultured Whatsit-Kilroy-Silk are awaiting your arrival somewhere in the Queensland jungle to participate in a bushtucker trial?