Saturday, 13 December 2008

Another startling resemblance...

Did anyone else think that the woman who won the somewhat tedious Gardener of the Decade (as in the programme was tedious not the gardeners) looked a bit like Janice Battersby?

Rachella de Thames opened the programme with the line "This is the gardening competition to end all gardening competitions.." so we can only hope this is true.

And when did Sir Toby Tumnus get promoted to "The Nation's Head Gardener?" as introduced by Rachella. Did some election get held in the Sock's absence?

The Sock thought that tall bloke's border was the best of the final three and totally disagreed with the judge who said that aeoniums can look awful when they are a bit wet. The Sock has some thriving aeoniums left outside all year around which look marvellous whatever the weather!

Pffft! To the whole thing.


VP said...

Bah missed it - sounds like it's not worth viewing on i-player then?

Arabella Sock said...

Not really. I think it was over two weeks so I only saw this weeks. Whilst it was potentially interesting to see how what had happened to the previous winners (and their gardens)over the years it got turned into the usual dreary gameshow format.

The introduction of Toby as the "Nation's Head Gardener" was particularly jarring although it isn't his fault. Surely that is a title earned not just bestowed on someone who is actually the new kid on the block. Grumble.. grumble..

Juliet said...

The first week was much more interesting, if that's still on i-player - it showed all the previous winners' gardens and let them talk about what they've been doing since winning (at greater length than the snippets they showed this week).

The way they turned this week into a gameshow rather than a proper competition, with elimination rounds and silly time limits, was a waste of the skills of the real gardeners involved. And they kept suggesting viewers joined in at home and then flashing their cameras around all over the place instead of focusing on the things we actually needed to see to do so!

My wv is dooffied, which is clearly appropriate, meaning "dumbed down and an insult to its viewers' intelligence".

I thought the same about Toby too - from the build-up he got given I was expecting Beth Chatto or someone - what a let-down!

Yolanda Elizabet said...

I saw the first week but managed to miss the second ( gives self pat on the back) except for the last 5 minutes when 3 borders flashed by and then we had the winner, or something. Zzzzzzzzz

GW used to be fun, what the whatsit happened?

VP said...

The WV has joined in the vote - it says drearsti ;)

Thought you'd like to know I've just had a hit via the search 'who the hell is Toby Buckland', perhaps just redress the balance a little after being bestowed with his latest title.

Dishwasher Crab said...

Yes, absolutely Janice Battersby. At least it made the programme (momentarily) interesting.

emmat said...

i think he christened himself that, he said something like "i can think of nothing more amazing than to be the nation's head gardener"
i said "i can, I can think of being robert plant in led zeppelin c. 1973 with loads of drugs and groupies"
i don't think tobes and me are on the same wavelength