Thursday, 11 December 2008

The Bradjenerlina Triangle

The Sock feels remarkably lucky that she flew back from Australia before she was entirely sucked in to the Bradjenerlina Triangle never to be seen again.

It all started in Bangkok. In general the Sock doesn't watch TV on holiday other than, as Paul Simon sang, to "get all the news I need on the weather report." Unfortunately, whilst tuning in for the forecast the Sock accidentally caught one of those 'Celeb watch' spots which invariably feature the same few celebs, Madonna, Beckhams, Britney and of course the Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston triangle. After that the Sock was lost and desperately needed to know the exact moment Jolie fell in love with Pitt and why she felt the need to inform the world of this now - other than the fact that they must all be promoting their new films. The Sock might have escaped this addiction whilst it was in its infancy if it hadn't been for the fact that the Bangkok hotel room had a TV in the bath!!

How could anyone resist the opportunity to watch TV in a bath?

So arriving in Sydney jetlagged and unable to sleep what else was the Sock to do but lie in bed watching some overly camp 'Hollywood correspondent' gasp out the exciting details of Jen's displeasure at Jolie's remarks about a marriage she was 'over' years ago. The Socks even watched a movie starring Jolie to see if they could identify the attraction of this weird looking woman. (The movie was called 'Wanted' and featured a loom of doom that weaved out textiles coded with names of people needing to be assassinated. Ha ha!)

However, Bradjenerlina did provide the Sock with some useful conversation openers. The Socks occasionally stayed in "hosted accommodation" (an upmarket B&B concept where all your needs are catered for but you have to dine with other guests). One night our fellow guest was an American academic specialising in foreign policy (or something) who was enjoying a few days holiday before doing a series of invited lectures around Oz. How the Socks laughed at his amusing little anecdote about how he met Fidel Castro. Unable to compete on this level and emboldened by the bottle of wine she had drunk the Sock put the question to the assembled guests "What did they think of the Bradjenerlina Triangle?" Far from a horrified silence the Sock's conversational gambit went down a storm with the hostess becoming increasingly animated in her assessment of the Triangle and Oprah Winfrey's involvement in it. This was fun but in the Sock's view doesn't bode well for the hostesses' ambition to attract high-end American tourists to the B&B - although perhaps celebrity gossip is now the universal language.


emmat said...

the world is a better place if everyone sticks to talking about brad jen and "angie" as apparently all her family call her, weirdos

Arabella Sock said...

Aaaaaargh! I was mysteriously drawn to this article


when will this ever end?

emmat said...

I prefer it if you don't get cured as you are making me feel soooo much better about my fascination with them

emmat said...

Bad Santa is on tonight on channel 5. I feel i can get to understand Angelina more closely if i study (some of) her ex-husbands, so I'm starting with Billy Bob Thornton. In a unique double whammy of my stalker celebrity marriage obsessions I'm making myself Christmas Salad out of Sarah Raven for my tv dinner. Life is Great.