Thursday, 11 December 2008

The Christmas Kangaroo

The Sock apologises for pulling a post yesterday - she felt the post might offend snooker player Steve Davis. Old Granny Grimblesock was a keen snooker viewer whiling away many an afternoon admiring her hero Steve Davis on TV whilst drinking pernod and black bought from her bingo winnings. The Sock has never understood the attraction of any of that other than being partial to the odd pernod and black during her teenage years.

To make up for the lost blog the Sock was just about to post you a nice picture she took of a kangaroo when by an astonishing coincidence she received the following "Welcome home" link from Jro..

The Christmas Kangaroo

This speaks to the Sock of a collective "blogging consciousness" because she also intended to ask SOIG readers who it was that voted Jackman as 'sexiest man on earth' as mentioned multiple times every morning on Aussie TV.


jro said...

shockhorror - I hadn't expected to see it on your blog! It should come with an X certificate!

He is sexy though...

Yolanda Elizabet said...

LOL, I've seen it before but it remains funny. Jackman is dishy but he didn't get my vote for sexiest man.

Arabella Sock said...

Jro when you say he is sexy though.. are you talking about the kangaroo or Hugh Jackman?

You'll never guess who was in Australia at the same time as the Socks.

Clue: I'm Jake the Peg diddle iddle um....

Do you know who it is yet?

jro said...

Yes, but he's not sexy! (unlike the kangaroo).

He comes under the category of 'Oh My God, is he still alive? I thought he died years ago!' in our household.