Friday, 19 December 2008

Germinating Gerbils!

The Sock has just returned from a grand day out at Wisley in the company of fellow sock Fat Rascal who has been busy taking advantage of her incredibly valuable euros to stock up on goodies to take back to the remote regions of France! Wisley shop has done well out of this as the Sock felt obliged not to let the side down and delved deep into her credit card in order to buy herself even more Chrimbo prezzies! Did the Sock tell you how much she loved this time of year?

What has this got to do with gerbils you are all asking?

Well one of the Sock's favourite bits of Wizzers is the alpine houses where we saw the delightful massonia pustulata (pictured below) which had a little sign nearby saying it was pollinated by gerbils!! How fantastic is that.

It wasn't clear where the gerbils were though - we checked out the little holes in the tufa rockery in case they were living in there but it didn't appear so. Do they have a little 'gerbil hotel' like the stag beetles have? A shame Matthew Wilson wasn't on hand to answer this question (and many others).


emmat said...

ha ha ha
they have one of those at Kew but predictably they DO NOT provide that information
I will be forwarding it to all the guides though!
They are a member of the hyacinth family.... weeeiiiirrd.
Cor I wish i'd know you were going I have a £5 off voucher for the shop that has to be used by 31st Dec I've been trying to think who i could force it on

Arabella Sock said...

Damn! Damn! Damn! Damn! Damn! (and blast it as dear departed Pa Sock used to say). I have one of those £5 off vouchers and I forgot to take it!!!!! Do you think if I send them my till receipt with the voucher they will refund the cash?

The Black Fingernail said...


I e-mailed my old mate, the former comedian, Billy Connolly, as he grew up in the Gerbils area of Glasgow about this very issue.

In an exclusive for the Sea Of Immeasurable Turkey Gravy this was his response...

"F*** Off!"