Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Sex and Death

A quick browse through blogworld has alerted the Sock to two major issues that have surfaced in her absence.

The first being "What does the RHS do for us?".

The Sock believes she gets reasonable value for money for her membership, enjoys reading the adverts at the back of the Garden magazine and likes the pictures, quite often visits Wisley and it means that the Demented Munchkin can proudly tell all the neighbours "My daughter is a member of the Royal Horticultural Society!" Now you can see why she has the nickname.

There is no doubt however that the RHS does convey a very stuck in the mud image. The Sock just received an email from them entitled "Winter Wonder at the RHS Gardens". How totally unimaginative!!!! Contrast this with the "Sex and Death" offering of the pyramid glasshouse at the fabulous Sydney Botanic Gardens. How could you not want to visit that even when you find out it is all to do with orchids? Fellow bloggers will surely be able to come up with a better offering than "Winter Wonder.."

The second issue is Matthew Wilson's gold lamé hotpants - or did the Sock imagine this? The Sock can't actually remember where she read about these but it is not the stuff of dreams.
Sea of Immeasurable Gravy regulars may well remember the SClub 7 tattoo which now appears to have been covered by said pants.

The RHS seem to be missing a valuable marketing asset here and issue one could surely be solved by issue two.


VP said...

Isn't Sydney Botanic Gardens just fab?

Wanders off dreaming about...

emmat said...

Well done on having such a good title for the 200th post.

I wish we had "sex and death" at Kew. Instead we have tropical extravaganza, which I love, but which is .... less meaty. I feel we should be labelling the most dangerous, the tallest, the spikiest, the smelliest... If only for all the visitors who have been dragged along and who aren't particularly interested in plants.

Juliet said...

It was James who first mentioned the gold hot pants - I thought it particularly unkind of him to do this while you were away, thus depriving everyone of your opinion on the subject - I should have known it wouldn't escape you though.

You also missed James on the Alan Titchmarsh show, attempting to talk up spray painted heathers :o

And this very useful thread on the Beeb.

Rothschild Orchid said...

The RHS stuck in the mud? How can they be with their new super trendy Facebook group?

Anonymous said...

Dear Sock,
Can I help you understand my blog?
Matthew Appleby

Arabella Sock said...

Dear Matthew

No thanks, it isn't really the Sock's scene which is why I have pulled my recent post. The Sock is quite capable of finding her own trouble without joining in other peoples.