Friday, 12 December 2008

Up a Gum tree

Another Aussie picture... the Sock hasn't had time (or inclination) to plough through the last five weeks recordings of GW in order to get inspiration for Scents and Sustainability yet.

You may have to enlarge the picture (click on it) to see the various gum wrappers - the Sock favours the pink one.

On the subject of gum... did you know that there are at least 595 different types of gum tree?
Actually the Sock has made that figure up because she can't remember exactly what she was told but it was definitely a lot. One of the reasons the Sock hasn't watched GW is because she is working her way through 595 pictures of gum trees she took on her hols. Surely at least one of them has turned out well!

And on the subject of turning out well - the Sock watched little gardening poppet Chris Beardshaw last night on his Wildlife in the Garden programme. He's a gorgeous little mischievous pixie isn't he?


jro said...

Careful, Arabella. I can hear you morphing into Dame Edna Everage.

I didn't much like her TV shows, but I used to go to her stage shows in London years ago, and I loved them. S/he is very clever.

Zoƫ said...

The Bush National Embrassmints are inspired, I soooooooooooo want a tin of those!