Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Arabella asks the RHS...

On the morning of Tuesday 20th January some people big in the RHS are going online at their website to answer questions from their members. The Sock has thought of a few apposite questions and the Sea of Immeasurable Gravy offices have been swamped with letters from people begging the Sock to ask questions on their behalf.

Question 1

Whose idea was the montage of citrus fruit forming a pre-Crimbo display(above) at Wisley last year? It's hideous.

Question 2

If you are a charity why do you charge so much for a piece of coffee and walnut cake at Wisley?

(submitted by C. Walkden)

Question 3

Why do you persist in this unholy alliance with the Daily Mail and let hundreds and thousands of their readers into the Hampton Court Flower Show swamping so-called RHS Members day?

(submitted by A Grauniadreader)

Question 4

How much control does the RHS have over the piss poor BBC coverage of the various flower shows we are forced to endure each year?

Question 5

If the Sock slips someone a fiver (or a few Greek pastries) can she get tickets for press day at Chelsea?

Question 6

Are events like the Chelsea Flower Show ethical and sustainable in this day and age?

Question 7

Is it true that Chelsea may be cancelled next year due to the drying up of commercial sponsorship?

Question 8

Can the RHS arrange a large discount for the Sock on one of those nice Gabriel Ash greenhouses they have lent their name to?


Keep the questions coming sockwatchers!


VP said...

Now the question is Arabella, dare you ask those questions next week ;)

OR shall I? ;) ;)

jro said...

Double-dare you!

Arabella Sock said...

I shall be there with my list ready!

emmat said...

I like the citrus snowman! But then I am really, really tacky

I would like to ask why there aren't more jokes in the magazine