Saturday, 10 January 2009


More Aussie holiday pictures..

Most of the following are eucalyptus except for the last one which is either a burnt tree or a black wattle (or something else). The colours and textures of the bark were quite beautiful and it is worth clicking on the pictures to enlarge..


Karen - An Artist's Garden said...

These are lovely - I love tree bark, particularly eucalyptus and silver birch.

I still have some said...

I went to a show once where there were garden/plant photographers showing their stuff. One woman had some beautiful prints of close ups of tree bark which were fantastic: the array of colours was quite dramatic. You could do the same with yours.

Arabella Sock said...

I usually frame my favourite photographs and hang them on our hall. I try and hang the best/most memorable ones of every hols otherwise the photographs disappear into albums (or now into the computer) and don't get looked at again. I have a wall of 'texture' photographs so a couple of the bark ones will probably go up there.

As part of Brighton Festival each May we have artists "Open Houses" where they display and sell their own and invited friends work. It is really rather fun as it means you can snoop around a variety of different houses and gardens. The lady next door to me opens her house and one year as I was bringing in my shopping and left the front door open behind me a load of people trooped in after me thinking mine was the artist house and started admiring my photos!!Ha ha! I should have sold them, I've seen a lot worse up for sale.