Wednesday, 21 January 2009


The Sock has been inspired by Karen at Artist's Garden to do a bit of blog tidying. I want to put ongoing things that have a common theme in one place as I have done with the Scents and Sustainability posts now listed on the right. The problem is that I just want to have the theme of the posts listed, in that case 'Scents and Sustainability' and then click on that to get the links to each individual posts. (I dislike any kind of visual clutter which is why I keep the blog quite simple without listing other people's blogs I read or followers or whatever.) I have tried using Labels (like on Garden Monkey's blog) to do this but that lists every post I have made so really what I need is Labels but then be able to delete all the labelled posts I don't want.

Can anyone point me in the right direction to do this?


VP said...

Don't you mean delete all the labels you don't want?

Ah the eternal label problem - you've been most inventive and amusing with yours so far which means you've pretty much got 1:1 label:post. I've used more generic ones and now have over 100 posts in some of mine - which isn't really the way forward either.

So - you either go through all your posts and put in new labels (more generic) and the take out the labels you don't want and activate the Labels summary widget in your sidebar

OR you could create some summary posts which have links to the posts you want to group together and put a link list in your sidebar. You could backdate these posts to before your blog actually started if you want to keep them separate from the rest of your blog.

There's probably other ways of doing it, but that's the solution I'm currently considering over at mine...

Email me if that doesn't make sense.

PS As soon as you don't have any posts relating to a particular label, it disappears from your label list.

Arabella Sock said...

VP you are so good!

I think summary posts is the way to go... I thought about setting up separate blogs for each subject but that would be a time consuming overkill. Summary posts are a great idea. Well done!

Juliet said...

I'm glad you asked that Arabella - I've been wondering the same thing myself :-D

I think, unlike you, I have few enough posts I could go through them all and add some generic labels though.

Thanks VP!

Yolanda Elizabet said...

Not a clue fortunately VP is much better at this sort of thing.

cheerio from the owner of one messy blog ;-)

BTW Come and look at my new water feature.

Karen - An Artist's Garden said...

Glad you found the house keeping post useful, although it always looks very nice and tidy here at "the Sea .." and I have absolutely no idea what you and VP are talking about!