Thursday, 15 January 2009

If you only read one thing today...

For anyone who may have missed it on the news yesterday here is a link to an article about David Cerny's fabulous new EU sculpture..

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The Sock will be interested to find out what Cerny has made of Belgium.

NB: If you want to see all the countries "submissions" then click on the link below and download the first PDF file at the bottom of the article. The file also appears to give explanatory text from each country's artist. Very interesting.

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VP said...

I saw another article on that the other day because *gasp* Britain's been left out!

It's quite a good game playing 'spot the country', it reminded me of those map outlines you used to get in geography at school.

Belgium of course would feature chips.

VP said...

And WV has just suggested that France would feature borsins

Arabella Sock said...

I can't find the full list of countries he has done - I thought Sweden represented as a furniture flat pack was rather funny.

It could be that whilst Britain was left out because we won't play nicely with Europe, Belgium may just have been forgotten. I can thoroughly recommend "In Bruges" as being a must watch film. It's up for various awards although it surprises me that the Americans would get some of the sly european humour in it.

I haven't had Boursin for years!

Yolanda Elizabet said...

I wonder what they made of my country. Cheese? Tulips? Mills? Yawn!
Wooden shoes? Please no! On the bright side it could be drugs though, although those really in the know would use *drop*. Now that's really Dutch.

Belgium could very well be presented as a friet kot(a market stall where they sell chips with mayonaise).

I recently saw In Bruges which I enjoyed very much on many levels. Bruges is a beautiful city, if you ever have the chance of visiting it, do so. You won't regret it.

I had Boursin last week.;-)

Arabella Sock said...


If you could to the Timeslink and click on slideshow beneath the headline it gives you more pictures of the artwork.

The Netherlands is (to quote from the article) "shown completely submerged by water with only the tops of mosques’ minarets still visible. The nation, which is at risk of flooding if sea levels rise, has experienced a volatile relationship with its Muslim population"

The Black Fingernail said...

Why Belgium is depicted with a sleeping hamster is beyond me!

I did rather like Hungary's entry (a copy of Brussels' hideous Atonion but made out of spicy sausage and melons).

I undertood that Cerny had also depicted the Vatican with a "no contraception" theme. However, following the Pope's intervention he decided to withdraw it at the last minute instead.

Arabella Sock said...

HA ha! You've done yourself proud with that one BFN.

The Black Fingernail said...

I now understand that the "sleeping hamster" is in fact a dead rat.

VP said...

In Bruges was one of my favourite films of last year. Have you had it out on DVD? One of the extras is an edit of the film just with the expletives!

Colin Farrell got a golden globe for his performance in the film earlier this week.