Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Mega exciting news from the RHS

Morning Peeps

You will all be over the moon to know that the RHS have teamed up with gardeners' favourite Alan Titchmarsh to present "The People's Gardener"!

This original new concept will bring you... wait for it... a panel of judges, including TV gardener Charlie Dimmock and will be included as part of La Titchmarsh's excellently educational afternoon chat show. This has got to be the biggest news since the Bradjerlina triangle and don't forget the Sock bought it to you very nearly first!

In order to celebrate this great news on a day where nothing else much is happening apart from the Obama inauguration (don't you just love that 'Hail to the Chief' song they always play at these events.. so jolly and that link is a particularly good version) the Sock has given Alan a makeover (below).


VP said...

I see your trip to the RHS this morning hasn't been in vain Arabella.

My inner imp wants to nominate Richard Reynolds, especially as I was pondering the question whether guerilla gardening is an edgy and more hip version of Britain in Bloom last night.

NewShoot said...

It's the cheeky tuft of chest hair that gets me!