Thursday, 8 January 2009

My little possum

The Socks waited all holiday to add a picture of a possum to their wildlife photos all of which were taken in the wild not in sanctuaries or whatever. (The Sock says this because some friends showed her pictures of a load of wildlife they took in Canada and it turned out most of them were from Vancouver zoo - they were really snitty when the Sock pointed out this was cheating!).

So here is the lovely little possum with its big black innocent eyes which showed up on the last day of our holiday just to make our wildlife list complete. Aaawwww.... sweet - who wouldn't love the little furry baby.

Well this person wouldn't love it and is now wearing it as insoles in his boots!!

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Dishwasher Crab said...

That seems fair to me. I have some very snuggly possum/wool mix gloves that have proved invaluable in the recent weather.

I am pretty sure that possums WERE harmed in the making.

That aside, very cute photo!

JamesA-S said...

Arabella. Are you trying to get me in trouble? If my house is besieged by militant possumophiles then I will hunt you down and shrink you in a hot wash and spin cycle!

Arabella Sock said...

Hmmm... that was what Chris Beardshaw said when I took a load of overly hormonal CB-stalkers on a tour of his house when it was up for sale.

I tell you what... if the possumophiles turn up and rip all your clothes to shreds (as they are wont to do) I will let you have the Bedsock's new Aussie hat which is made from kangaroo. Actually it says squashy kangaroo and I'm not sure whether this is because the hat can be rolled up or because the kangaroo was roadkill.

jro said...

Thank you very much for drawing this to our attention, Arabella. It is a very serious matter.

Actually, I had no idea until relatively recently that they were such a pest. I was shocked when I got sent some of those little bootees for my daughter when she was a baby, I had thought that possums were the antipodean equivalent of our cats!

VP said...

I'm surprised your photo's come from the latter part of your holiday Arabella as they're always trying to get into wherever food is stored in my experience.

However, we did have some magical times going spotlighting in the rainforest the first time I went out to Oz and seeing their bright little eyes up in the trees.

Arabella Sock said...


We were surprised not to seem more of them although in general we weren't out at night as the overdose of fresh air and outdoorness had me asleep by 9.30. We did go spotlighting in the bush in the hope of seeing sugar gliders, possums etc. but just saw a very starry night and the possibility of a wombat. The area of bush we were in then (East Gippsland) was totally burned in the huge 2007 bush fires but had already regenerated leaving just the charred bark on the eucalyptus as testimony. I did wonder if it was taking a while for some of the wildlife to come back though. Never did see a sugar glider.

jane said...

D'ya know I heard a factoid on the steve wright show that possums have segments of DNA that are not present in any other earth species ... therefore they must be SPACE ALIENS