Thursday, 12 February 2009

Ask Monty

His Organic Jerkinness Monty Don will be appearing on Question Time tonight and the BBC are asking for suggestions for discussion topics.

The Sock will happily pass on any of your suggestions and in the meantime has a few questions of her own..

1) Where did Monty Don get the baggywag as featured in 80 Gardens?

2) How much does Monty Don pay for a bottle of Grecian 2000?

3) How does the panel feel about people who buy second homes in Wales?

4) Would Brian Harvey (famed for having run over his own head with his car) have made a better presenter of Gardener's World than the present incumbent?


The Black Fingernail said...

I'd like to ask - "Is it true that you have a personalised drinking vessel with the phrase MONTY SMUG on it?"

Yolanda Elizabet said...


Yolanda Elizabet said...

I have thought of a question to ask Monty: does he think that cord really is the new black?

Poor Monty, it's too easy to make jokes at his expense. ;-)

Actually I was vastly relieved when Monty took over from A.T. because if there is someone who gets on my blue tits it's his Nibs!

Off to program my dvd recorder to tape Question Time.

Arabella Sock said...
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Arabella Sock said...

Oops made a mess of my last comment and had to delete it.

Try again..

Poor Monty! He is probably a really nice bloke but eminently teasable and a good sport about it!
He was either nice enough (or masochistic enough) to go on the BBC gardening messageboards last year and issue a denial about the hair dye giving a complicated explanation as to why it might appear to have changed colour over several episodes of GW.

He also recently posted regarding his appearance on Question Time "I am taking part in Question Time on Thursday so tune in to offer moral support or abuse according to your inclination." So that would be the latter then! LOL!

Yolanda Elizabet said...

Bwahaha, the poor sod. Did he have a hard time? And drat, I missed it as I thought it was tonight not yesterday. Hadn't noticed the date on your post. Crumbs!

Thanks for dishing the dirt on Monty. ;-)

Anonymous said...

I'd have asked him about BRIAN HARVEY, the next presenter of Gardeners' World! Spot on with that one Sock!


GM :)

PS, having a meet up with Dezza Pig tomorrow. Shall I send him your regards?

Arabella Sock said...

GM my little chumiwumkin! How are you doing? Did you know that the picture I did entitled 'Brian Harvey's Ecstasy Garden', purporting to be his submission for Chelsea 2008, is the most googled image from this blog. And this is particularly odd because I deleted the picture ages ago in case it attracted mentalists.

Give my regards to Dezza and don't let him lead you into any bad ways.

The Bedsock is a great Monty fan and says we have all to be nice to Monty who he says is like a kindly uncle. Not entirely sure what this says about the Bedsock!

Anonymous said...

Hi Rho... er, Sock,

Dezza Pig and I have just downed 2 litres of Dr Pepper each, and have been trying to belch different European national anthems... We may even be meeting Mycowaz tomorrow if we play our cards right.

Dezza wants to know if you still love us, as he didn't think so from your last message ;)

So what's the crack with Obi Wan? Haven't even checked the Beeb boards in yonks. Are you all still in touch?

Mycowaz joined the Scientologists after the whole Monty 'stroke' incident. He never got over the guilt he felt from Monty stepping down. Last time I saw him in town, he was trying to blow bubbles through a triangular tambourine near Winnett Street in Soho.

Derek, conversely, couldn't give a toss. He confessed to me afterwards that he didn't even own a TV, and hadn't watched GW in the last twelve years. He only had it in for Monty because he thought he had 'girl's hands'.

Truth be told, there was a lot more going on behinds the scenes. My brief was to 'liven up the boards', but because Myco and Dezza went too far, I never got my mod job back. It was my call to recruit Mr Oink and the Waz into what was to be a 'bloodless coup', so ultimately I paid the price...

Anyway, we are all hoping to pop down to our favourite costume hire shop and from then head to the Richmond for an Acid Jazz night in May- maybe see you there?

Big up 'nuff respeck to the Brian Harvey massive!

B O O M S H A N K A ! ! !

GM :)

Arabella Sock said...

How interesting Gartenmeister.. I can burp the alphabet and taught my nieces how to do it which made me very popular in some quarters but not in others.

It was always going to happen to Mycowaz wasn't it... bless. Still if the Scientologists are good enough for Tom Cruise.. etc

Obi Wan is now standing as an Euro MP for Belgium riding on the ticket of "What the Belgians do for you!" and promoting lunar gardening.

The demise of messageboardland scattered many of us on the wind but a few of the socks fell through the great gravyboat in the sky and washed up here on the shores of the Sea of Immeasurable Gravy. When I think about the boards now I remember the words of Don Mclean in his song Vincent "that world was never made for one as beautiful as you". Or equally appropriately

"They would not listen
they did not know how
they're still not listening now."

Tell Dezza as long as he is lovable he is loved.

Warrior Spirit!