Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Come dine with me...

The Sock's contribution to VP's Guess who is coming to dinner? challenge is somewhat late due to being away and general brain fug. The Sock is not reading everyone else's blogs until having posted her guestlist in case she has had the same ideas as everyone else and has to rethink!

The invitations turned out to be much more of a challenge than the Sock had thought pretty much matching the experiences of real life where in the dim and distant days of dinner parties finding the right combination of guests to provide a convivial atmosphere was somewhat hit or miss.

So discarded guest lists included...

The throw them together and watch the sparks fly list..

Those two TV luvvies (whose names the Sock has long since erased from her memory) who floated around people's gardens draping bits of leopard skin fabric here and there whilst calling everyone dahling, thrown together with His Organic Jerkinness Monty Don, Bob Pippidew and possibly Peter Seabrook.

The intelligent but possibly heavy going list..

Dan Pearson because his original TV series about redesigning small town gardens inspired the Sock to create her garden. Also he is pretty easy on the eye.

Mary Reynolds designer of the Sock's favourite Chelsea Flower Show Garden.

Patrice Taravella owner and designer of the Prieure d'Orsan in France. The Socks stayed at the Prieure a few years ago and it is one of the Sock's most memorable gardens. In the space of a mere 15 years Patrice has created what is described as "a fabulous monastic-style medieval garden" . The gardens are both serene and stylish, the beautiful lavender cloisters are alive with the movement of humming bird moths, and although the gardens have a definite air of healing and sanctuary they are also extremely sensuous.

These invitees are all very well but it means the Sock is going to have to try and look intelligent all evening which might not be so much fun.

So who does the Sock really want on her guest list for a good evening? Yolanda-Elizabet springs to mind as she is funny and witty and we can swap endless cat stories. Fat Rascal must come to provide the Sock with moral support and so we will have some new gossip for our "ladies of letters" (or in this case email) relationship. And we must have MrsMatthewWilson so she can show us all THAT photograph album which means that Emma T and VP will need to be there to share in the amazement.. and in fact why stop there lets invite ALL the garden-blogging girls because they just want to have fun!

Ladies!!! Quiet a moment there is a ring at the doorbell


Whaddya think girls - should we let him in?


Karen - An Artist's Garden said...

And that Arabella is why you were invited to my dinner party, I think we find the same things amusing - lovely post, and it sounds like you would have a fun time.

James A-S said...

Girls only?
You can go off people, you know.

Arabella Sock said...

Ha ha! Poor James. I didn't invite you because I thought you would be inundated with invitations. As it is you've turned out to be a right "billy no-mates". Never mind - you are definitely an honorary girl!

Yolanda Elizabet said...

James an honorary girl! ROTFLMSocksO

Thanks for the invite, love to come and swap kittycat stories with you!

Sure, let the man in, I'll bring my water feature as he knows so well how a martini is served correctly. ;-)

VP said...

Well! I'm here and I'm amazed ;)

That water feature's been most popular hasn't he?

And it's great to have a proper chinwag with all the girls (incl. James) at last.

I found this guy at the door on my way in, who seems a little shaken (probably because of Joe's matching pub outfit), not stirred - he was most insistent on following me here :)

WV says womatis, which I hope isn't the effect of all that Martini - it's not my usual drink you understand.

Thanks for taking part Arabella - I've taken the liberty of adding you to Mr Linky over at my blog. I hope you don't mind

Arabella Sock said...

Womatis sounds like the feeling you get when your clematis has wilt.

I am very happy that I've been added to Mr. Linky! One day I'll find out how to do all these things myself.

emmat said...

I don't even know what Mr linky IS...

I would love to attend this party, and I'd love to have a martini served by Hunky cleve west too


jane said...

you can't let him in - they'd eat him alive

Fat Rascal said...

I'm very fashionably late responding to my invite -where have I been?

I assumed I'd be there as I'd come with a hamper of French goodies and a few bottles!

Can anyone drink more than one glass of Martini? Even if it was served by George or Cleve.

Arabella Sock said...

Is it Negronis that have martini in them? I can definitely drink several of those.

You should do me a guest blog about your snow Fat Rascal. Show people what proper snow is like!!