Thursday, 19 February 2009

It's a Small World

No the post title doesn't refer to Chris Beardshaw.. it refers to the guest blog below from a most unexpected but very welcome source. Yes it's the Garden Monkey. Not gone and not forgotten!

These monkeys get everywhere.. take it away GM..


I'm not sure what prompted it, but I've been thinking about the Six Degrees of Separation theory lately. You will, I trust, be aware of it - the idea that you can link any two people on the planet in six steps, by a chain of acquaintances and relationships.

The most well-known example is the Kevin Bacon one, where one can pretty much link any actor to Kevin Bacon, by a chain of no more than six steps, where two actors are connected if they have appeared in a movie together.

Of course the movie acting world is a relatively small one, so that it's fairly easy to connect people. The UK TV gardening world is even smaller, so that it's even easier to connect people and in fewer steps.

For example Monty Don to Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall in three.

1) Monty Don and Adam Nicholson were chums at university.
2) Adam is married to Sarah Raven
3) Sarah was chums at university with Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall.

In fact I can actually do the same link in one step. Monty is godfather to one of Adam Nicholson/Sarah Raven's children, as is Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall.

All very boring. It is much more fun to connect disparate and unlikely couples.

For example Joseph Pujol, the Parisian music-hall "fart-maniac" with Alan Titchmarsh.

Step One - Joseph Pujol was played by Leonard Rossiter in the 1979 film Le Petomane.

Step Two - Rossiter played skinflint landlord Rigsby in the sitcom Rising Damp. In one episode, called the Good Samaritan, a suicidal tenant was played by the actor David Swift probably best known these days for his excellent part as Henry Davenport in TV comedy Drop the Dead Donkey.

Step Three - David is the brother of Clive Swift, also an actor and best known as the long suffering husband in Keeping Up Appearances.

Step Four - Clive is the father of Gardener's World under-presenter Joe Swift.

Step Five - Joe has mostly worked on GW with Monty Don.

Step Six - The corduroy loving Monty has now moved on and is no longer a presenter of GW - from which it is a short sixth final step to the most well known (living), former presenter of the programme - Alan Titchmarsh.

The possibilities are endless.


Arabella Sock said...

Actually it is only the letters ER that separate Le Petomane and La Titchmarsh....

Fat Rascal said...

Are you insinuating that Monty farts? That corduroy offsets the environmental impact of his methane output? Or have I missed the point?

James A-S said...

This is a fantastic idea: I really wish that I had thought of it, Damn that clever Monkey.
I have one....
Connecting a Norman king with a Vegetable expert.

1. William Rufus (William II of England) was killed by an arrow.
2. So was St Sebastian - actually he was pretty well perforated by the things but you get my drift.
3. Derek Jarman made a film about St Sebastian
and he (Derek not Seb) lived in Dungeness which is in Kent.
4. Kent is the southern county where Vic Reeves lives.
5. Vic Reeves presents a quiz show called Shooting Stars (arrows again, but they are incidental).
6. One of the guest stars on a recent edition of Shooting Stars was Christine Walkden.(although it was probably not her finest hour)


I foresee many hours of time wasting here: how long do I have to wait before I can steal this idea, dust it off and present it as my own?

Deb said...

Wow Monkey (good to see you back btw!). I am amazed by how much stuff you know!

Was going to say useless but as JAS pointed out above, it can prove to be very useful (especially as he's going to nick it...)

Arabella Sock said...

Connecting the RHS head of gardens creative development with a Chelsea Gold Medal Winner

Matthew Wilson has SCLUB 7 tattooed on his butt

Rachel Stevens who was one of SCLUB 7 appeared on Strictly Come Dancing

Lisa Snowdon, model and former girlfriend of George Clooney was also on Strictly Come Dancing

George Clooney was separated at birth from Cleve West


Ps. Since nobody asked the degree of separation between Le Petomane and La Titchmarsh was that the former was and old farter and the latter an old fart.

Dishwasher Crab said...

My ex has links to both Hitler and Freddo Frog.

He had to go.

The Black Fingernail said...

Any chance of connecting Christine W to the National Grid in 6 easy steps?

James A-S said...

And another one:
Chris Beardshaw to Spongebob Squarepants
CB co-presented The Great Garden Challenge with Janet Ellis
Janet Ellis's daughter is Sophie Ellis-Bextor
Spohie E-B was at school at Goldolphin and Latymer as was Hattie Jacques
Hattie Jacques starred in a film called Make Mine Mink
A mink coat was allegedly stolen from a club in New york by Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay Lohan starred in Freaky Friday with Jamie Lee Curtis
Jamie Lee Curtis is married to Christopher Guest who played the voice of Stanley.S.Squarepants.
Must go and do something important now....

Plant Mad Nige said...

Excuse the possible rudeness, but haven't you lot noticed that the weather has got a lot better and things need doing in the garden? Anyway, I can boast a direct, Apostolic link to Gertrude Jekyll:

1 GJ raised a sweet violet cultivar called 'Helena.'
2 One day she gave a root of it to a youthful, aspiring hortiperson called Graham Stuart Thomas.
3 I had to interview GST for a feature in Hortus
4 GST gave me a piece of the violet root at the interview.
5 I planted it in my garden and had it for years
6 Oh bugger! It's died from neglect.

Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.